following up.

howling at the moon.
Everyone who terrifies you is sixty-five percent water. And everyone you love is made of stardust, and I know sometimes you cannot even breathe deeply, and the night sky is no home, and you have cried yourself to sleep enough times that you are down to your last two percent, but nothing is infinite, not even loss. You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day you are going to find yourself again.” - finn butler
just a small reminder that the people who follow you are sixty-five percent water (the people you sometimes feel obligated to post for are sixty-five percent water), and all the bloggers you love are made of stardust, and i know sometimes you cannot even breathe deeply enough to gather all the strength you need to publish that post that matters to you something fierce, and you have cried tears of frustration enough times that you are down to your last two percent, but nothing is infinite, not even your blog. you are made of the sea and the stars and by God's mighty hand, and one day you're going to realize how original you really are. maybe, hopefully, that day will be today.

just following up on yesterday's post.
-kiss kiss kiss, safe haven-


  1. hmm I've loved this quote for awhile now. applicable.

  2. :) :) :) :) :)
    thanks. that quote is one of my favorites, and I love your adaptation.
    you beautiful soul, you.

  3. A good follow up that completes your wonderful + encouraging words.

  4. Beautiful! It took a lot of courage to publish one of my most recent blog posts... and not only publish it, but to write the correct words. I think I have about 4 different drafts , but after tears, and my realizing my words were turning bitter, I left the post hanging. I finally gained the fearlessness and humility to complete that post. And I finally published it in hopes that it would help some passerby who happens to stumble upon my blog in search of hope. :-)

  5. ONE OF MY FAVE QUOTES! thanks for the inspiring post(s) x lovely photo by the way!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you. For inspiring me.

  7. a lovely and very true sentiment (and photograph! thank you very much for sharing!

  8. beautiful, lovely, inspiring. and just so good.

  9. This is so beautiful, as is that picture.

    I'm a new follower to your blog. I've seen you commenting on other blogs, and decided to follow. :)




sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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