fiction fridays, part seven.

winter sleep
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007. almost

"can i tell you a secret?" she exhaled into his ear.
"yes... okay, yeah." his shoulders undulated like waves.
a pause. "i almost loved you."
a sound escaped his mouth. a sigh, but she could still hear the rumbling of his vocal chords.
"almost loved me?"
"i realized, one day as i was cleaning the kitchen, contemplating ways of telling you--"
"carol, carol. c'mon. no rambling. almost loved me?" she looked at his mouth, studying the goodbyes his lips made before they parted.
a hand on his knee, more emotion than she thought she should allow in one touch.
"almost," she breathed life into the air. "almost was too much."

starting from the middle, and ending no where near the end. this is fun.
-kiss kiss kiss, the final frontier-


  1. excellence. there really are no words to describe just how much i love this. in fact, i think it's my favorite thing you've ever written.

    xx, jess

  2. The emotion is brought to life very well here. Nicely done.

  3. goawaywhyareyouwritingaboutmylife.
    this was pretty, in an intense way. or intense in a pretty way, I'm not sure which.


  5. Your prose poetry make my life. Gah. Stop with your extreme amounts of talent, woman! (Actually, scratch that. Don't. TALLENT.)

  6. I love the words you used for this. I really love your writings, Jocee.


  7. gah, short stories are the best, and this is deliciously tantalizing. I want to know more, which means you've done an ah-mazzinnggg job. ;)

  8. It's beautiful, magical and, just to be clear, I love it.

  9. i cannot. i just love these, keep making more!

  10. Argh, don't keep me hanging in suspense Jocee!! You are amazing girl! Seriously, you must write a book! Loved this!

  11. mmmmm.

    ahh emotions are spilling into my heart and they're overflowing now.

  12. this is so beautifully simple and perfect. girl, you make me dream.

  13. GAH. will you ever stop being so wonderful? i hope not. this is simply magical.
    xo | J

  14. Oh, Jocee, I've been "stalking" your blog for a while to see if I want to follow yet. The conclusion I have come to is YES! I seriously want to follow you! You are an amazing person because you live a real life, write beautifully and are not hesitant to show your flaws to us all. Beautifully done, Jocee. I love it.
    PS. This makes me wonder what happens next. What does happen, I am asking now? But see I don't need to know. That's what it means to start in the middle and end "no where near the end." Keep going to eternity.

  15. Ugh why you no continue with the story? *insert meme* You're better than amazing.

  16. WHAT EVEN. WHAT IS THIS PERFECTION OF DESIGN?! Gracie is da bomb, and you've got yourself a lovely lookin' blog here!! x

  17. .........your new design is the same as Hannah's new design o_o

    1. actually, i was planning on doing this for a few weeks. hannah's design is similar to mine, but she posted hers before mine was online. i'm not trying to do the whole "if she hadn't, i would've first" thing, but i wasn't copying her. we both had this idea, i guess :P.

    2. i actually got the silhouette inspo from sara k byrne! :)

  18. my sister, rach, told me about your blog and your hilarious personality (and the fact that she's facebook friends with you, and now so am i --as beka marie).
    so i had to come over to your blog and check it out!

    firstly, i love the makeover you supposedly got on your awesome site here. i didn't see it before, but i hardly have any words to tell you how much i adore the watercolor-esque header. sigh. :) makes me happy. i need to spruce up my OWN blog even though i hardly ever post on there. ;)

    p.s. i enjoyed reading the fiction post! i would read that book. ;)

  19. waaaaaaah. this is so beautiful and sad.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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