just little things {266 - 282}.

266. the first monday after school ends (the best).
267. bacon crackling and sizzling on the stove.
268. fingering the ring on your left hand; realizing someone is engaged.
269. a cool breeze in the midst of heat. 
270. when your crush does something ridiculous and it makes them even more adorable.
271. listening to a new artist and finding them wonderful. 
272. digging up childhood photos.
273. going back into the old blogging archives (#wince #nostaglia.)
274. turning on the tv right before your favourite show comes on.
275. when a baby takes a liking to you.
276. when a temporary hairdo becomes a signature style.
277. fresh fruit on a hot day.
278. finding a trunk of your grandparents' things.
279. first sunscreen session of summer.
280. writing legibly with the hand you don't write with.
281. successfully playing through a song you learned and being able to transfer it to different keys.
282. compliments from strangers.

i should probably let you know that i'm leaving town this weekend. two weeks at discovery camp, then five weeks at a music conservatory. i'll be studying alongside, like, six other composers. anxiously excited, you could say. don't worry, i'm not disappearing. i'll have a few guest posters keeping hope alive, but after that, i'll be back, fresh and anew. and i'm stoked. but until then, goldfish.
-kiss kiss kiss, #joceeissuchatroll-
{pea ess: i meant i'll be back after camp. i'll be here in the midst of conservatory-ing.}
{pea pea ess: i guest posted here today.}


  1. All of these -- YES. Goldfish is the best though. I SHALL MISS YOU.

  2. dude erryone seems to be getting engaged and it's kinda freakin me out. I'd be willing to guest post if you're still looking for someone!

  3. I have always like these posts. I like the simplicity of them. And number 268-- I KNOW! Everyone is getting engaged and married. (Yay for my uncle! *grins* =])269, mhm. I know the wonderful feeling of it. 270-275. Stop describing my life. You are embarrassing me! :P 281... I love doing that! Just switching keys in the song and accidentally hitting a high B-flat in one key... (okay... it wasn't entirely an accident...) And if you still need someone to guest-post, I'd love to do a guest post!

    1. thanks for offering but i already have my two! next time, definitely. :)

  4. 266, 270, 271, 282...
    Have fun, little Ludwig. My selfish side will not like you being gone so long, but you will be doing cool stuff, and also - guest posts. Fuuuuun.

  5. YES. yes yes yes to pretty much everything. hope you have the BEST time. :)

  6. i can't find one little thing to comment on because i agree with them all. they're all awesome. and i love that you brought my attention to them. :)
    you're going to have so much fun! i'm so excited for you :)

  7. I never know exactly what words would be best to write in a comment, so I'll just leave a few hearts...

    <3 <3 <3

    Looking forward to the guest posts - though you shall be missed, m'dear!

  8. I love all of these so much; it makes me smile and feel jumpy-happy. :)

  9. Oh yay, awesome, what an awesome few weeks you'll be having Jocee...and NO WAY, you aren't a troll! You're just so amazing and beautiful and I'll miss you.

  10. yes yes to all of these! and have fun in camp :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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