i am here to help.

the ideal way to use makeup is to enhance the wonderful features God has already given you. you don't have to cake it on, because that doesn't look very flattering, and makeup is intended to flatter. in a reasonable manner. in the same way, photos are ideally edited to enhance the beauty they already possess. sometimes it might take a little work (thanks, weather), but don't give-up just because it doesn't look the way it should without the makeup on. there isn't a law that says your SOOCs have to be national geographic quality--i'm sure they edit too. - when it comes to editing
i figured this should become a semi-regular thing. i'm not some enigma who's going to make you look for your own "style" yourself. if you want to know how i do things, i'll tell you. and i hope that it helps. i primarily edit with vsco and i've used rebelsauce/red leaf studios before (friendly notification that you are allowed to like/use something even if it's popular or consider 'hipster.' if you identify with it, then do it. don't let anyone tell you you're any less human), and the first thing i do when i get new presets is see how every single one of them looks on several photos. usually these vary from portraits to random flowers. i rename the favourites (usually they're pretty versatile and work with my photography as a whole) and lean towards using those as a reference point for my editing. it's not really complicated because after awhile, you stop thinking. you just do.

i edited this beauty's photo with vsco 02's kodak portra 400NC preset. when i added the preset to the otherwise untouched photo it was a little dark/too saturated, so i upped the exposure +55. it kind of brings out the natural highlight's in jacque's hair and enhances the glow in her skin. i just want her to look at the photo and remember how she felt when i took it. i don't want her to say "oh wow, she must've really done some serious photoshop work; i look painted!" i just want her to smile.

and don't you guys think you're exempt from this. i want you to smile, too.
-kiss kiss kiss, house of hope-


  1. I'm a VSCO gal. My love of film is only increasing.

  2. Yay for editing posts! I don't edit my pictures at all...I think I should start to...I have a question...do you edit all of the pictures you take or only the ones you use for your posts?

    Love yourself,

    1. i edit ALL the pictures. i just don't always use them all. for instance, i edited the photo above but it's not in the initial shoot post. sometimes i save photos for different occasions such as this or something else. whatever. :P

  3. Totally agree about the makeup and editing. Great shot btw.

  4. i love these. i use vsco too. they're just so versatile. you can make it look super film like or incredibly natural. i love it.

  5. yay for photo editing. i have vsco and i love it, but i have noticed that i have been (kindof) over-editing my photos a bit. so, i have decided just to stick to the more natural presets, those being the Kodak Portras, and my favorite that i use on waay to many photos is Fuji FP-100c --.

  6. i love how you edit your pictures! they look so natural but still all have a consistent style and look, i don't know, like photography that is worth spending hours and hours looking at...

  7. Hey joyful jocee :)
    Just wanted to let you know, you have been on my heart for while, especially since your last vlog. Me and my small group prayed for you yesterday. Me and two other friends prayed outloud for you.
    You are loved.

  8. Amen, sista. (You have a wonderful heart.)

  9. lovely! I love how tasteful your editing is.


  10. LOVE this Jocee! Thanks so much for this post :)


  11. This was so beautiful and encouraging...you're a gem. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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