red, white, black and/or blue.

things that say a lot about a person - their favourite character; the lyrics they write on their hands; the colours they wear; which murder weapon they prefer; how they make their tea. via
i. my mother tells me that she knows who will choose what side from the start; but why is it i always fall in love with the ones who are evil?

ii. and still i feel i've said too much / my silence is my self defense - and so it goes (along with) billy joel. but even so, my vulnerability convinces me to wash it off, because i don't want to get caught by the person i cannot lie to.

iii. yellow is my favourite, but i am a constant shade of red, white, black and/or blue.

iv. the one that melts as spring comes along. (icicles. duh.)

v. i learned that if you cook with love, those who you serve will love you. but if you cook while you're angry, you're liable to kill someone. it's like going to bed angry. if you do, you wake up with a stewy attitude. but if you let yourself go, it evaporates in the air like steam. you see it for a few seconds, and then it's gone as if it was never there.

the second installment of my self-portraiture, sans face. the idea if this series is that you get to know kinga and i for who we are without the pretense of our physical attributes. sometimes you may see us, but we are so much more than that. you can read our introduction here. for now, know that number one makes me blush. number two makes me anxious. number three makes me want to buy new clothes (i'm overdue), number four makes me feel a bit like moriarty, and number five makes me laugh. why, i don't always know. but i don't always need a reason for my emotions.

-kiss kiss kiss, long lonesome-


  1. okay, so yesterday i took a photo that was... *drumroll* just like yours. (except yours came out much better...DAT FOCUS <3)
    yeah. creepy.

    1. how does one successfully respond to this?
      uhm... i took it on auto in the shower. because that's where the best light was. the sun starts to come down on that side of the house and there was all this dust in the air. and then i cropped it, so. i don't even... okay whatever. i'm sure yours was absolutely lovely. and i'd love to see it! :)

    2. so i guess i'm not the only one who brings her camera into the bathroom. ;) i took mine in the sink (and i also cropped it). i posted it here. :)

  2. your blog is ohsolovely.
    what is it about evil characters that is just so beguiling? i have this problem a lot of the time.
    also, icicles? hehe. :)

    1. for serious, though! for instance: loki and khan. ugh. delicious.
      and yes, icicles. because you can stab a person and then it'll melt away. no, i'm not a serial killer. but i do like ice cream! :)

    2. ooooh kahn! yes.yes.yes! though i suppose it could be convincingly argued that is it benedict cumberbatch's recent portrayal that makes him so irresistible to me. ;)

  3. MORIARTY. YOU MENTIONED MORIARTY. #icanhearhisnameamileaway

  4. you seriously dont need a reason to explain why youre so amazing. because i wouldnt know the reason either. oops. i almost just wrote ether. why am i so weird today? oh, probably because i have to work 12 hours today, and its upsetting.


  5. I really love hearing the back story to your pictures.. you're cool.

  6. i tend to favor the evil characters too.

  7. too much perfection in one post i'm sorry

  8. this was simply lovely. it made me think, and the words are beautiful.

    ♥elisee [a-flyleaf.blogspot.sg]

  9. anxiety.... I am feeling anxious. for reasons the world has no right to know. and I thought. and I came here, read this post, and felt something change. a deeper understanding of myself immerged. I feel that I am not alone in my fears, if you will. that I have the support and peace of the Lord watching over me, but also that others know of how I feel. you obviously know how I feel. even when I could not find the thoughts or put my finger on the emotions I felt/am feeling, you spoke them accurately and nearly so perfect I cried. I love you, Jocee. <3

    xx Les

    1. i love you, too.
      please remember that the sunrise is always a constant. and that a good long laugh goes a long way. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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