and these wounds will heal if you let them.

"I'll tell you this: I'm standing in the frigid cold waters, wrists bleeding, head pounding, depression curling itself around me in chains I can't let loose, and all I can think about anymore is just slipping under and letting myself drown."
that’s why we have boats, darling.
because no matter how  v a s t  and
beautiful the ocean is,
it is not
a place
to die.

i decided it's time to start putting up my poetry. on here and other forms of media. if you haven't allowed me to tell you your story yet, you can do that now. this is apart of a book i'm writing, where you can submit secrets on anonymous (or not) and i'll write poetry for them. inspired by inkskinned. to the anon who sent me this, 
remember that anchors are meant to weight you down. 
but He can lift you up. i love you, be safe.
-kiss kiss kiss, more to come-


  1. ooh! love this! and that last part "remember that anchors are meant to weight you down.
    but He can lift you up." that is amazingly gorgeous.
    and i also love the "that’s why we have boats, darling.
    because no matter how v a s t and
    beautiful the ocean is,
    it is not
    a place
    to die."
    Definitely so true.

    love this so much!


  2. Wow! This is so beautiful. And such a wonderful idea! I had, somehow, missed that post of you asking readers for submissions. I would send you something to include...but I'm afraid the first thing that popped in my head is something that I doubt you would care to write about haha

    You have a beautiful soul, Jocee. <3

    1. you never know! the best stories are the ones that are unafraid, that's what i'm finding myself saying more and more. you can always email it to me if you're more comfortable doing that. :)

  3. just lovely. such a beautiful poem. <3

  4. because this is so lovely and amazing. you have a gift, jocee. i know many people have told you that before, but i just want to tell you again. tears came to my eyes while reading it, and i remember that time awhile back when i feeling exactly how the anon (in your post) was feeling like. it was just so easy to let go and slip away. maybe it was identity crisis; i don't even know myself. but reading this caused the memories to flood back. and surprisingly, it didn't hurt. Jesus has healed me. again, you have a gift. and i praise God you've found a way to use it in a way to touches the lives of others. thank you muchly ♥♥

    1. thank you, beauty. i really needed to hear that tonight. <3

  5. This is really just so beautiful.

  6. i'm crying.
    thank you for such beautiful words.

    (and yes, btw.)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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