today i have a lot of love.

Untitledproud owner of lots of love.
i. our church picnicked and we froze and ate french fries in cups and rigidly walked across bridges 
and got our feet wet and danced on slated rock and broke branches and broke ice.
ii. last year today, i said goodbye to the kids. i haven't spoken to them since and of the things i regret, that is close to number one.
iii. and since the mood is particularly low at the moment, i'd like to just say that i feel like 
a lot of the time, all we are really doing in blogging is quitting. 
iv. however, i think that was a matter of me getting over myself and picking up my camera. 
all the same, i miss a lot of people, and whether virtually or not, i want to hear from them again.
v. when it comes to what is tangible, i like my friends. i like them because they understand that what we have today will not last forever.
vi. and i realized that some people are nothing short of wonderful, and that happiness isn't something we should idolize, 
and that stepping into sunshine from miles of shade is like fear lulling into peace, 
and that joy is sourced from God, but He gives us several outlets to recognize for ourselves.
vii. i recognize various forms of food, i recognize music and i recognize words and i recognize helayna and i recognize you.
viii. today i have a lot of love. and love is not a feeling, it's a state of being. and feelings rise and fall (kind of like the stock market), 
but there are no stakes here, because i know my love will never fail.

in other news, i shot helayna today, so i guess this doubles as a preview.
in related news, i have problems with people who think she's anything other than grand.
-kiss kiss kiss, bless-


  1. BEAUTIFUL photography. I don't know who COULDNT like your photography, or your blog or your writings or you. i love the shots of ocean.

  2. I'm so excited to see the rest of these, because you rock. That first picture is glorious. But so are all of them.

  3. Very very grand. When I saw her face, I was like IT'S HELAYNA!!
    gosh, i love you both so much, DO MORE VLOGS TOGETHER ALREADY!


  4. ocean's gorgeous. and sadly, a lot of people are too judgmental and will treat a person differently. we are not called to judge, and we are definitely not called to shun people for doing something "differently" than we believe. i'm sorry ocean has to put up with that, it's awful.

  5. lovely, darling. simply beautiful.

  6. dear jocee,

    your work is just getting better and better.
    like WOW.

    love, stella

  7. What wonderful sentiment, expressed both through that lovely title and your photos.

  8. Hey, I was wondering, how did you get the little like box on the bottom of your post? Thanks. :)

    1. i think it's an HTML thing that links it to the blog's facebook account. i'm not exactly sure how, i think you can grab the code from facebook and attach it to an HTML/javascript in the blog. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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