cupcakeing with a message (v.12.)

made these with my friend katy during the doctor who fiftieth special. aren't they darling?

i've unfollowed a lot of blogs recently so i don't know who's doing the "i'm thankful for," thing right now. and you know, it's refreshing to have a relatively small group of people around that you enjoy hearing from instead of a very large group still following the trends that we [i] demanded we have a blogger revolution over. oh by the way, it's thanksgiving. i don't know about you but i'm having a hard time being in a generally good mood. is this what happens when you grow up?

anyway, for the longest time, people have been doing little challenges here and there and posting everywhere about how they're thankful for whatever (and there really isn't anything wrong with that considering it makes you think), etc, and today is usually the grand finale. see, that's the first thing wrong with this picture because thankfulness only appears to be an annual occurrence. the second thing wrong with this picture is that if you don't talk about what you're thankful for, you're obviously not thankful for anything and you are a disgrace for a human being and you don't deserve your turkey or pie and your football team will lose their game and it's basically the end of the world. if you don't post it on social media, it hasn't even computed in your brain, much less come out of your mouth. so i'm calling it right now. quit that.

don't be thankful because it's a social media trend. it starts within yourself - you don't have to be pressured to share it with the world. and another thing: don't force yourself to say you're thankful for the same things everyone else is. i totally understand edification and public praise and stuff like that and how disputes should be resolved privately, but if you're having a hard time, take a deep breath, put on the great gatsby soundtrack, walk away. and ask God to help you forgive, because most of the time that's what you need to do. i think i'm having a hard time being traditionally thankful today because there are some things that need to be resolved within me (and others). that and this entire week is a deadline that no one in my family can afford to miss. and maybe that's okay. maybe it's fine to be constantly working on something. it's just that we shouldn't have to work alone. 

after all of that, i have to say that i am glad. i am thankful. i'm not in the place i was last year. and helayna? oh God. oh God, i love her. and cassia. and sundays. and the way the cold slaps you in the face after getting out of a warm vehicle and just, the flowercrown society.
(get slightly excited now). and innovation. hazelnut macchiato + peppermint mocha = heaven. and you guys.

and you know what? i feel the good settling in.
-kiss kiss kiss, godspell-


  1. Those cupcakes look great. I don't to seem self-righteous because trust me I can be a major screw up, but I thank God a lot. For little things that may seem ridiculous, but if I don't I feel weird, and when people over do it on Thanksgiving I get a bit uncomfortable. But at least people are being thankful, even if it's only for one day or one week of the year. Anyway, have a good rest of thanksgiving!

  2. and thank you for summing it all up. #joceedoesitagain

  3. your writing is beautiful.
    and i must agree with you. i hate how people always say what they're thankful for only leading up to thanksgiving, and then, as soon as it's over, they go right back until the next year.

    you have pretty much summed this up completely and perfectly, Jocee. this is great!


  4. oh, you darling. you're the source of inspiration for so many, did you know that? there are times when your words are beautiful, and other times your words just burn with passion, meaning, love, and life. this is one of the other times.


  5. you never cease to inspire, dear, and your words are like a warm and comforting flame of light on a cold and dark winter's day. love you.

  6. Oh my gosh! Thank you! I've had this conversation with so many people lately. It's so silly and I feel like people only post for attention. The end. That is my conclusion.

  7. Whyyyy...I missed so many posts 'cause I've been so preoccupied with other things.


    I've unfollowed a lot of blogs as well a few months ago but for some reason all of the blogs still show up on my Blogger profile...?

    Yes, I'm pretty sure having a hard time being in a good mood is normal and part of growing up. Mood swings, maybe?

    Aah, I thought I was the only one! Before I was about to publish my annual thankful post, I was thinking, "Why am I posting this on Thanksgiving when I should be able to feel thankful every day?"

    ...Wait, wait. Hazelnut macchiato AND peppermint mocha TOGETHER? Ooh, this I have to try. Unless it's separate...I love peppermint mocha. ^-^



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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