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"I like this guy. He's not cute, or physically appealing in anyway, but he's funny. He's always thinking of something new, he's articulate. I just want him to notice me for me. We're friends, but not great friend. I worry I'm not good enough."
we are matches but i'm soaking wet.
and the others, they're standing next to the lighting strips,
ready to ignite themselves for what they love.
because where we come from, we get to choose what we burn for.
and of some us choose music, or art, or the cigarettes that become a part of peoples' lungs.
some of us burn for the things we need. and some of us haven't figured out 
that needing something and wanting something
don't have to be two different things.
you see, what catches us in our walk to the lighting strip is knowledge
that what is lit must always burn out.
and we don't know how long we have.
but of a few things i am sure.
you're not the best match in the box. the phosphorous coating your head is smudged;
more rust than red. there's a cra/ck towards the bottom of the stick,
and people think you look as funny as your jokes.
we are matches and i'm soaking wet, but if the sandpaper would catch, i'd gladly burn for you. 

from the bed of secrets that lie in wait.
-kiss kiss kiss, honest when it rains-


  1. this was fantastic. one of my favorites, keep at it girl! <3

  2. Beautiful, Jocee. Pretty clever, too. #iempathizewithsomeofthis

  3. Awh, this is so thoughtful and cute. :3

  4. Favoritefavoritefavorite. You are soo good.

  5. this is beautiful, you're beautiful, and I swear, as long as I live, I read your words (which I believe belong in a bestselling book) and feel. and that is so rare these days, I feel like. guess this long rambling comment is just here to say I BELIEVE IN YOU and KEEP GOING. xo, babe.

  6. oh my word jocee. how do you write so good? YOU'RE AWESOMECAKES. <3

  7. this was mine. Thank you I really needed this. I love these lines-

    " you see, what catches us in our walk to the lighting strip is knowledge
    that what is lit must always burn out."

    I get to choose what I burn for, and right now, I'm sizzling all over the place, getting burned out with no point. I pray that I would burn for God, and that he would bring me a boy who burns bright for him. Although this boy may not be the brightest match in the box, I will burn for him too.

    1. i guess i should tell you that a match burning for God is only that only grows brighter and brighter. and those don't burn out. but i'm so glad this got to you. i'm so proud of you, and so glad you saw it. <3

  8. ooooh. pretty lady. this was MARVELous. on so many levels. xx


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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