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as of right now, i have 541 friends on facebook. and it's funny, because facebook is always talking about how it's a place for people to connect, but i only see a select few of my friends' posts. sometimes i'm scrolling through my newsfeed and i see someone's face pop up, and it's like oh! i forgot i knew you. i forgot you were alive. 

it's particularly endearing, for some reason, to see my friends still swimming. i remember sharing lanes with them at practice, laughing when coach was in a good mood, swallowing nervously when he wasn't. i remember watching them get dressed up for their middle school cotillions, which never turned out to be much fun. i remember being with them, yet, significantly detached from them. as if we were on the same team but we wanted two different things. 

i don't know why i'm surprised that they're still at it. wet hair all the time, the residual smell of chlorine despite thorough showering, swimsuits that are thinner than our layers of skin. one after another, i see them committing to universities. i see proud mom posts and old photos with crappy flash and hair hastily pulled into buns. and i'm happy for them, because they never got tired the way i did. when i see them at the summer olympics i won't regret anything, because i've had my hurrah, too.

we were on the same team but we wanted two different things. i remember coach always telling us to get excited about upcoming swim meets. i remember the night before my piano audition. after i stopped crying, i felt waves of excitement (and i can tell you the formula for wavelength, if you like). i wanted to show them what i could do. not for one moment was i nervous on that saturday. it took me two years (almost to the date) to follow an instruction so vital to my life. 

so on wednesday the nineteenth, i found out i was accepted to the university of texas. committed to music composition, not freestyle. my friends and i, we were on the same team but we wanted two different things. their stage is a pool, mine a steinway piano. in the end, though, i think we found some common ground. success.

-kiss kiss kiss, the world welcomes us in-


  1. Finding common ground can be an interesting process. I think of Facebook the same way. It's a "social media" platform, yet people are all pretty detached.

  2. Okay, did I not know that you were on Facebook or are you private or something? haha

    Congratulations on the acceptance to the University!! You must be so excited:)

  3. same team, different paths.

    that's hella profound, love.

  4. congratulations on the acceptance to university of texas!!!
    i am so happy for you:) i have applied to schools this year too and im just waiting to hear back. it is so stressful! so i can imagine you feel so relieved and glad now that you have committed!!!

  5. great thoughts on changing goals and discovering your passion. makes me consider the things i'm doing and why. A follow-up post about what is success would be amazing

  6. Congratulations! That is super exciting for you. I can't wait to hear about all you new adventures as you start this journey

  7. I always knew you were destined for greatness. Even if you're not jumping into the pool, I still think you're diving into the deep. And the deep can be a wonderful place. Congratulations, soon-to-be maestro!

  8. fiiiiiirst off, congrats on getting accepted to UT! super proud of you babe. secondly, I admire you following your passions -- something most of us are scared to do.

  9. congrats and hurrah for you pretty thang

  10. I love how you write a story around an announcement; you could have just started with the last paragraph, but you put things in perspective. Cool beans! :)

  11. Hey...how did you get your blog to be this font?

    1. what font are you referring to? for post font/etc, i went into the template designer and selected it there. if you're talking about my header, it's a picture with the bombshell pro font. gracie designed the blog. :)

  12. wow i love everything!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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