humans of ACC.

this is jenna.
"so what did you like about astronomy?"
"i liked the math part of it. it comes easy for me. i'm kinda sad we won't have it on this last test."
"i'm not."
"yeah, a lot of the people aren't."

this is will.
"i think one of my favourite composers is ravel, even though i've only heard a few of his pieces.
i was looking at the score for this piece he wrote, and i was like 'oh my God! i didn't even know that was possible!'"

this is jan. pronounced like yahn.
"are you going to take a nap after this?"
"no, i'm going to the grocery store."
"do you like going grocery shopping?"
"no, but i love food."

this is kayleigh.
"i have really mixed feelings about ben affleck playing batman. i mean really? it's ben affleck!
and i was not at all impressed with the last batman movie. i didn't like how they did bane. i just... ugh."

this is ileana.
"you look sleepy."
"yeah... i've been running on only a few hours of sleep."
"are you going to take a nap after this?"
"no, i've got a concert tonight."
"are you going to take a nap after that?"
"probably not."

this is mark.
"i used to have a six pack in high school. every night, i'd run three miles."
"did you ever take naps?"

this is sonia.
"sonia, do you want some cake? oh wait no! you're vegan. and this has a lot of eggs in it."
"well, i'm a vegan 90% of the time. because sometimes it's hard. and expensive. and i like cake."

this is t.c..
"is that a new ukelele?"
"yeah i just got it today."
"how much was it?"
"80 bucks."
"dude, for a ukelele?"
"i know. but at least it's in tune! hey listen to this song i learned."
he sang you&i by ingrid michaelson. it was funny.

this is ashley and abe. they were working hard on a music midterm. by the way, it was hard.

this is himani.
"i'm going to take a selfie with your camera."

i finished high school last week, so i decided to take pictures of my classmates so i'd remember them. this is kind of like humans of new york,
except you get to meet the people i spent almost everyday with. you get to see a little bit into my life, without having to see me.
and i think that's refreshing. and no, i don't know how it feels to not have school yet. i don't feel anything profound or a sense of relief.
i'm just... i'm kind of just here right now. and i guess that's okay.
-kiss kiss kiss, light home-


  1. These are super great, Jocee. You did such a wonderful job. <3

  2. I would've forgotten the faces of almost all my ACC classmates if I hadn't been purposeful to bring my camera one day every semester. Two years from now you will be SO SO glad you took these (I bet you're glad now, but you'll probably be even more grateful). Congrats on finishing high school!

  3. this is a little bit too perfect. just the way you captured everyone's expressions and all. and what they said. sigh. you're wonderful, dear.

  4. dang, i love these. you did a fantastic job, jocee.

  5. I love the mini profiles of people :) It's interesting getting to know them with only little snippets and some portraits.

  6. This is perfect. I love the different characters and personalities of your classmates; definitely something worth remembering.

  7. These are fantastic!
    I wish I could do that myself but there's no way people would let me take honest photos of them.
    Most refuse and the rest pose in all the ways I have no interest in remembering.
    Still, yours are beautiful. Love the little chats below.

  8. Oh Jocee, this is the best! and so real. you did a really superb job.

  9. i adore these. like seriously, i do. i wish i would have done this before i left my co-op last year, i have tons of pictures, but i love the interview mixed with the faces of people you love. it helps you remember their personalities more, ya know.
    aside from how much i love the entire HONY thing, your actual photography is beyond rad. did you freelense them, or add the tilf-shift kinda effect in editing?

    1. they were all freelensed! thank you so much. :)

  10. wait. so you aren't home schooled? i was sure i had read it somewhere on your blog, but maybe i was wrong..not that public school is bad or anything :)

    love, anne :)

    1. no, i am! i just took dual-credit classes at my local community college. :)

  11. Is this the same ACC in Austin, Texas? I love finding fellow Austinites' blogs! :)

    Daydream Frenzy


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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