frequently asked questions

what kind of blog name, girl?(!)
remember iCarly? you know how they had those penny tees with the random phrases on them? 
i decided if i ever got one, it would say cupcake dictionary. and then this happened.

would you guest post for me at my blog?
lol is that even a thing anymore?

what camera do you use? what do you edit your pictures with? 
i use a canon EOS rebel t3i with the 50mm 1.4 lens.
(all images of mine before april 6th, 2012 were taken with a nikon s3100 or a kodak easyshare.)
i edit with LR5 and all of the VSCO presets.

were you homeschooled?
all the way from pre-K through 12th! i attend university right now and will be graduating in the spring of 2017.

what do you want to pursue as a career?
i am a film composer, writer, and i'm passionate about creating uninterrupted spaces for
women of colour to express themselves in any way, shape, or form. (it doesn't matter what i do, as long as it helps my people.)

how did you get so many followers?
the heck do i know, honey. when i began this blog, i just wanted it to be something i consistently did. before cupcake dictionary, i had several blogs that i started for no particular reason, and i didn't want to abandon this blog the way i did before. so i promised myself that this wouldn't just be a one-post thing. and it became something that i have a passion for. i didn't ask for followers and i didn't think about them. and then y'all just started showing up. i don't even know how you found me. in the past, i also started blogs to become "famous". did i? no. so i reevaluated why i had my little online space,
and when i realized that trying to generate a title wasn't worth it, i let it go, and i blogged for me.
y'all are so real for reading (and for still being here after this long). (thank you.)

lmao do you even blog anymore?
not often, my friend. priorities have changed, school has taken over, and my work doesn't give me much room to think about doing anything else. that said, i haven't left. and i don't intend to let this little (big) space go. it's far too valuable to shut down, so i'm gonna keep this baby running.
it may not be consistent, it may not be the same, but it still means something to someone. even if it's just me.

anything i haven't answered? email me or send a comment!
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