laugh lines

i laugh. long, hard, and often. to the point where my stomach hurts. to the point where my heart is in my throat. i make people laugh. long, hard, and often. to the point where they can't breathe and are begging, saying no more! no more! you'll kill me! we enjoy laughing. we live by it. 

but there are some who i know of, who just snicker. who just chuckle. some who just nod their heads as everyone else guffaws without shame. and i ask them why, and they reply with i don't want to get laugh lines. for the past few weeks, this has begin to hit me really hard. they want to preserve their physical being, and yet to do that they are willing to sacrifice a gift that God has given them? 

how can you go through life without smiling? without praising something. without giving a genuine compliment. you don't smile as a teenager. as an adult. as a married woman. as a grandmother. how can you not express your joy? this physical body that we have, that's just the outer layer. we are a spirit. we possess a soul, we have a body, and that body eventually fades away. 

i cannot begin to dream of a life without laughter. because the only thing i see without laughter is sadness. depression. and eventually, your face forms itself into a frown. all because you don't want to become ugly. but our body, our skin, it sheds. we don't live in this temple forever. 

so i embrace my laugh lines. i cherish the inside jokes, the girlish giggles, stumbling around with your best friend, roaring and telling the whole world that this is the way to live! we laugh. we love. i once saw my laugh lines and was disgusted. but now, when i look in the mirror, i laugh some more. 

this is me adding laughter into my composition. what will you laugh about?

-kiss kiss kiss, hug kanga and roo-
{pee ess: today is my grandma sugar's birthday. i'm not allowed to tell you her age, but still. sing her happy birthday. virtually.}


  1. nice...i think laugh lines may be the most healthy wrinkle on our faces...it is a badge of joy felt...i like your perspective in this...

  2. oh, come on! Who could not laugh at your funny jokes?? Personally, I don't care what kind of lines it brings on -- laughter is a medicine, and my very favorite thing to do. without laughter... well, i don't know where i would be. but i know my brother would be out of a job!

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. Embrace what we cannot erase is what I always say(:
    ooh...I just gave you a sneak peak of something from a post i'm about to make :O

    Anyways, I completely agree. Why not laugh at everything funny and worth laughing about?

  4. The weirdest things make me laugh: things most people find funny rarely do.
    A sense of humor is a gift we should thank God for every day. Life would be harder without it!

  5. Great write! I enjoy your fresh voice.

    And I just read your "Who's that Girl?", and we have something in common...our love of British Accents. Seriously.

  6. That was brilliant- and I love laughing too! Happy birthday Grandma Sugar!

  7. That is so sad... who wouldn't want laugh lines? They show you're a happy person! I love laughing and I definitely couldn't live without it. Great post, Jocee.

  8. beautiful, jocee!
    I love to laugh, too. and then when people stare at me for laughing so hard, I laugh some more! it's great.
    haaappy birthday, grandma sugar! you have one amazing granddaughter :)

  9. I LOVE this post. I hate it when people tell me about getting laugh lines. Who the heck cares? Be happy & express your joy! :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA SUGAR!! I hope you have a great one! (:

  10. Ha, laughter is truly the best medicine ;D Thus, I couldn't live without it. Who cares about laugh lines! Those are the best kinds of facial "flaws" ;D
    ~Lauren :)

  11. I think thats funny that people dont want laugh lines!
    I want laugh lines! I want people to tell when i'm old that I had a good life! that i smiled and had joy and love and laughter! <3
    I adore laugh lines <3


  12. thank you for this. i haven't had a good laugh--a deep down belly laugh--in a long time. i think i need to. bless you friend.

  13. Nicely written Jocee!

    **And what the people who don't laugh fail to realize is, they'll get frown lines instead.

  14. I have a question :) where exactly to you get the inspiration for your posts? :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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