summers of a different state.

being from texas, summers are something that aren't really desired. no matter what maneuvers you attempt to make yourself cool, the sun can find its way into crooks and crevices that you didn't know existed. however, summer isn't all bad. michigan summers carry endless breezes and picnics by the lake. maybe a drive-in movie or two, and millions of stars that are your path at nighttime. it's been awhile since i went to michigan. grandma sugar used to own a summer house there, but she sold it and bought a home two blocks from us so she could visit whenever she pleased. i adore the fact that she comes to texas for a few weeks at a time, and yet simultaneously i miss the times the family spent up north.

but today, i am all about california summers. it's constantly sunny. though the day temperature is warm, you get the privilege of wearing a sweater at night, something us texans would kill for. fresh fruits and growing succulents and transparent waters of zuma beach are permanently etched into my head from the august trip up there. i find myself missing the different smells and foods, and i always dream about going there again.

i'm not usually one for gushing about summer during the winter months, but today, i think we can make an exception.

in the bleak midwinter
with brown leaves made red by the sunset
blankets are wrapped around wandering souls
in the warmth of her home

she dreams of swaying palm trees 
and long drives in the country
of drive-in movies
and light sweaters

and the only explantation would be
that under her love for the cold 
she longs for the summers
summers of a different state.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug cantabile-
{pea ess: free blog design, anyone? i'm feeling a designy-vibe. first person to comment saying they want a design for their blog gets it.} 
{pea pea ess: the hunger games is ready for pick-up at my local library. i am preparing myself for amazement.}


  1. oh, girl, prepare yourself. seriously, you're about to fall head. over. heels. but beware of the last book -- that's all i'm going to say.

    i would take you up on the new design, but i just redid mine, and actually, i find it quite fun =) maybe some other time?

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. hahah its gonna be a hot summer over here in Cali! I live in SoCal and its been 80 the past couple of days. Feels like summer!! walking around in tank tops and whatnot. I've never been to Texas but i can bet it gets ridiculously hot in summer! You should totally visit California again! I love this state :) altho living here is rather pricey.

    Anyways! Have a great day! Enjoy the cold weather while it lasts! :)

  3. this was a cruel post... :) i am now desperately longing for summer. or even just a little bit of warm weather. jealous of your texas warmth! haha! :)

  4. Hey Jocee,
    I'm sorry I'm always asking for your advice, but you have a great, successful blog. How can I create my own blog button?

  5. Thanks so much, Jocee! (Good. I didn't want to think that I was bothering you.)

  6. so looking foward to summer and the strawberries are making my mouth water. >.<

    yum yum!

    P.S. I'm also getting the hunger games sometime this week. :)

  7. summer and i have a love/hate relationship.(;
    love the pictures of the strawberries! they're one of my favorite fruit.

  8. alright! I'd like a design! how will you go about it?! :D


  9. your poem read my mind


  10. your poem read my mind

    so lovely

  11. i live in california, about two hours away from san francisco and two hours away from tahoe. it's the best place on earth. period.
    but... the summers? they're hot. they're amazing, and summery, and all. but at least where i live, you could never, ever get away with wearing a thick tshirt, let alone a sweater, anytime.
    but california summers are priceless. the skies are blinding blue and heat radiates off the roads. you get a nice tan from ten minutes in the sun. wildflowers dot the fields and that summer smell is amazing.
    why yes, i am head-over-heels for my state. :)

  12. Reading the hunger games right now :) The first page started an addiction!

  13. I NEED to visit Cali one day! I'm a Floridian and I would love to be able to explore the mid west one day.
    Love your pictures btw(:


  14. I had a friend who moved from Michigan all the way here (Alabama)... She's never told me what it was like before, but Now that I read this; I wouldn't mind visiting sometime. I wish we had a drive-in movie theatre. I mean, we do have one, but it's hours away. I think I've been twice; one time I went with my Aunt to see the second shrek! It was so much fun<3

  15. Yeah, man, you can get a tan in February in Texas. Sometimes I want to be with the rest of the country, weather wise, but other times I'm glad for seventy degree weather on New Year's. :)

  16. oh, Jocee. I love your writing. New England summers are my favorite...breezy and warm, but not so breathtakingly hot as Texas :)

  17. Mm, California summers sound so lovely. North Carolina has wonderful summers as well. Typically the temperature ranges from aroung 90 to 102 degrees. How hot does it get in Texas?

  18. I need a Summer vacation. And your poem was a-mazing :)

  19. Jocee!! What's your email?! I want to send you something!! (:

  20. I tagged you in a post! Check it out!

  21. Hey there Jocee,

    I tagged you on my blog. I don't know if you do tags but, I figured I would.


  22. I will trade places with you!!! You take my cold, chill weather in Canada and I can take the Texas weather of sun and fun! Also,if you haven't read the Hungar Games yet, be warned. There TONS of violence and some weirdish random kisses in the book ( P.S. my teacher read it to my class. Words, decription, storyline and my teacher's voice made it come to life. Now she's reading us Witch and Wizard *'-'* {means I'm shivering} ) Also, if your offering, I'd love a blog design. Forevermore, Hunteress =^..^=

  23. California summers are the best. My family usually goes up there every summer, but this summer we're not and I'm really disapointed. :(

  24. i think i'm gonna make up a song about how cute you are.
    something exceedingly bubbly, cheerful, and sunny. like california. i love cali. it's beautiful. i want summer now, so bad.
    sososososo bad. sob.

  25. i have heard so much about the hunger games! i really need to investigate that more! lovely photos!

    love from San Francisco,


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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