it's going to be a good day.

today is one of those days where the sun can't decide whether to shine or to hide behind blueish-gray clouds. it's not necessarily a busy day, but it's not a lazy day either. for these sort of days? i have a special routine.  
shirt: target // overalls: vintage // shoes: dsw // perfume: born wild by ed hardy // hairclip: vintage
document what you're wearing. i'm making a scrapbook full of various outfits to prove to my children that i didn't dress like a 1980's dork as a teenager. today it's just overalls {which can be very productive} and some flats that i've been wearing for years. it's comfortable, and my sister thinks it's cute, so we're making progress. 

set aside some extra time to read. i love reading, and i love finding new material. i'm currently going through kinfolk, vol. ii again and the same magic i felt from reading it the first time is still there. also, journal a bit. take in the sights that you see. another thing your children can look at. 

eat something you don't usually eatwe always have yogurt in our fridge, but i don't eat it that much. we happen to have some berries as well, so i made a yogurt parfait, with grapes and pineapple and peaches, because i want to be in the caribbean right now {with captain jack sparrow, if you want to get into specifics}.

take something you normally take for granted and make it beautiful. i have these three photos that hang in my room. i remember buying them a few years ago, and the fun mommy and i had getting lost in the big maze. after they were hung, i didn't pay much attention to them, and they just faded into the background. but now that i think about it, these are some of my most favorite things.

happy playlist by Jocelyn on Grooveshark
make a happy playlist. need i say more?
and last but not least? blog about it. and inspire your readers to do it, too. 

what do you like to do on days like this?
-kiss kiss kiss, hug penny candy-
{pea ess: anyone else notice i didn't write in center format today?}
{pea pea ess: as inspired by this post.}


  1. Yes! Yes! Captain Jack Sparrow!

    Sparrow is a lively last name...now that I think about it..

  2. you can't go to the carribbean with jack sparrow and not take me with you. that's like totally against the law.
    also, you've inspired me. thank you to the moon and beyond, darling, i really needed it.

  3. Wow, beautiful pictures Jocee! Seriously. These are gorgeous. :)) it sounds like a lovely day. My day was spent at a track meet. So exhausting.:) lovely post, dear!

  4. nice :D i love the outfit ;)


  5. Those Pictures are so pretty! And the overalls too cute!

  6. Aaah, what a cute outfit! It is very Springy and fun. And a parfait + hanging out with Jack Sparrow in the Carribean? Count me in!

  7. omw! I have the hugest fangirl crush on the PLANET on Captain Jack Sparrow!!! And Willy Wonka. And Mr. Barry in FInding Neverland. and The Mad Hatter and so on. Mr. Depp is a brillian Actor. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Cute outfit! :D And those are wonderful photos. ^_^

  8. question, did you get a dslr? or are you still using a point and shoot?

    1. i still have a point + shoot. however, the parfait photo was taken with the canon rebel t2i my aunt and uncle have, while i was in california last summer. i like it alot ;)

  9. nice pics!! this is a lovely post.

    wes bently the actor w/the awesome beard, wes bently the missionary in sudan.
    my bad..

  10. I love this idea jocee! your outfit is darling. <3

  11. Those berries in the yogurt look really yummy. Just sayin’.

  12. You are so cute! Way to rock the point and shoot :) Great outfit! You should post "outfit posts"


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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