How to Blend with the Trend: Guest Post by Anna Gray

  We see a blog, we like it, they write a certain way, have certain sayings, post certain photos. After that blogger exposes their trend a little more, a whole crowd likes it and perhaps wants to join in with it. Just face it: We all want to join in with the trend some time or another, right?

Want to be a blend with the trend kind of blogger? Here's how!

one: It feels great to write an incredibly deep post every now and then. You write your little heart out, preview the post, but write before you click "Publish" you realize how long it is -- oh, only 10 paragraphs! To solve the problem, add in those photos of flowers that have been on your laptop for three years, or black and white photos of a cute little kid. It seems to add a hint of deepness to the post and it doesn't make it seem so long.

two: write in lowercase letters. Capitol letters? Psssh. That's no longer the cool thing to do, and everybody is writing in lowercase letters, right? I mean, it just takes so much time to press the "Shift" key to form a capitol letter anyway. lowercase letters show artistry as well as uniqueness...er...you think so, at least.

three: Write like the British. Though you're American, you like adding on extra letters for a little flair. Never ever put "color" (Because that's too ordinary, right?), tag in a "u" so that you end up with "colour". My favorite excuse me favourite words have extra letters.

four: Buy oxfords and post a couple photos of them. A simple pair of oxfords makes you seem a bit offbeat...because nobody wears them anymore, right?

five: Talk about musicians nobody has ever heard of. If you don't know of anybody, I have a simple solution for you: Google.

six: Write a dramatic post about how we need to embrace life. I don't know about you, but I sure do love getting a good hug from life.

seven: Pretend you have a super cool style. Make sure you have some pieces of clothing from your Grandma's closet and some apparel from Goodwill -- then throw on whatever patterns don't go together or colors colours that clash and label your style, "Hipster" or "Indie" or "Mod". Take some self-portraits, post 'em on the blog, and boom -- you are a fashion icon.

eight: When commenting on a blogger's deep and emotional post, but you don't know what to say, simply put "Beautiful words" because it's short, sweet, to the point, and nobody really knows what you're meaning -- it just sounds good.

nine: Say the word "lovely" as many times as you can in each post. "What is your favorite kind of ice cream, lovelies?", "Life has been just lovely", "These are my lovely little shoes", "I just love the word lovely because this really cool blogger uses it a lot and I want to sound like them."

ten: Gain inspiration from a blogger's post titled "Tips for Better Blogging". You are especially in agreement with the part about not copying other bloggers and really being yourself. So, do a post almost identical to the one you originally saw. Not hypocritical or anything.

eleven: Even though you secretly like fast-food (because we all know that you can't possibly turn down Taco Bell's 5 layer burrito), don't you dare mention it on blogger. You want to sound healthy and fit, but posting about how delicious your Burger King french fries were just doesn't cut it. Instead, write a post on fitness, health recipes, and dieting as you just finished snacking on those greasy potato chips.

There you go. Follow those 11 special steps, and you're well off to blend with the trend.

Best of luck!

I'm Anna Gray -- I sing around the house, take photos of everything, have a fetish for the 1940s, tend to be sarcastic, and drink way too much cranberry juice. I'm also secretly a crazy cat lady. But shhh, don't tell anyone. 

Last but not least...

I really love Jesus and want to live this beautiful life that He gave me to its fullest.

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  1. Ok, sorry. Couldn't help myself.

    Really, this post was le bomb. I simply futterwackenly adore it.

    And I can't really tell if you are being sarcastic/funny or serious...which is kudos to you...since I can normally scent out sarcasm a mile away.

    (Then twist the sarcasm into my own vocabulary, copywrite it, and use it daily).

  2. Girl, this was perfect. I think we share the same sarcasm. :) But seriously, every single one of these is so true and it definitely happens.

  3. Ahh ha ha ha ha ha, this was perfect!

    You're really funny. I kinda like you. I'm going to check out your blog now. Okay.


  4. I cannot stress how hilarious and accurate this post is. I almost did a post like this, but it translated into more of a rant and nothing nearly as clever as this. Well done.

  5. lovelylovelylovelylovelylovely post. (*wink* i love saying 'lovely', too!)

    i saw this post in the drafts when I did mine... i was anxious to see it, as i knew it would be probably be really good - and it was! ;)


  6. I definitely see this happening all the time. this was awesome :)

  7. I thought this seemed really rude, lashing out at people with more successful blogs.This wasn't edifying or fun to read, why are you assuming that these people are not genuine? Why can't people blog however they bloody want? (oh sorry, that was too British) As Christians, we should be setting a better example then this mean gossipy business (because even though no names were mentioned, anyone with half a brain knows who these "trendies" are) .Instead of writing passive aggressive posts, why don't you lead by example and blog genuinely for YOU, don't waste your breath raging over these so called. "trends".
    Because none of it truly matters.

    1. hmm. interesting point.

      however, i do enjoy this post, there's nothing wrong with the "big bloggers" doing these things, but it seems to get somewhat predictable when several other bloggers start to do it. some of them do it to gain followers, and some of them do it because it's fun. anna's not trying to shout-down any popular bloggers, it's a general statement of how she feels. and i think it was rather fun to read.

      also, you should probably read this tumblr post by carlotta about trends. very powerful and very true, and quite possibly could be where anna got her inspiration for this post from: http://carlottacisternas.tumblr.com/post/26291326485/can-i-be-honest-with-you

      have a lovely day!

    2. Oh Georgie, you must not get the sarcasm mixed with a pinch of seriousness that this post breathed. Trust me, I'm not lashing out on anyone who has a much more popular blog and certainly didn't gear it towards anyone specific. I just notice funny little trends going around and decided it would be amusing to throw them together in a post and touch on them in a humorous way. I definitely don't have a problem with trends either and am not "angry" with them (Haha! That just sounds kind of funny. "I'm so mad about people saying 'colour'!"

      Now, instead of arguing and seeing this little "debate" go nowhere, as Jocee would say, go have a cupcake. :)

    3. At least some people who post those things can actually write and don't sound bratty or rude in every post.
      And at least some people who take pictures of oxfords can make them look like actual photography, unlike whatever it is you do.
      But yes, I'm SO terribly jealous.

  8. While I probably wouldn't do many of these myself, this post was a straight riot. I understand exactly what you mean--but that's another reason I love Jocee's blog so much. She's not afraid to follow the trends while making fun of them, and that's what gives her blog such a homey feel that you really only get from smaller ones.


  9. I thought this was a hilarious satire!

    Good job, Anna! I love when people can laugh at themselves. I say keep it up. Anyone who is offended is just offended because the truth hurts some times.

  10. oh this is epic. just epic. Love love love it, Anna!

  11. Haha! This was amazing! Living in Canada, I guess I'm already cool with tip number three. :P

    eve @ essence of eve

  12. This was brilliant! I kinda can't help but fulfill point number three, being y'know British an' all that. Colour. Colour. Colour. ;)
    Kimmy x

  13. Oh my goodness, Anna!!! I love this post! XD I have noticed these "trends" everywhere and it's funny that I'm not the only one :) I am going to your blog, and I'm following. ♥ PS. georgie is just jealous. people that have successful blogs would not critique. anna, you're awesome. don't get someone anon get you down! :)

    ♥ lindsey

    1. No need to be rude, you don't even know me.

  14. Thank you so much for this post, Anna! I have noticed this a lot but didn't know how to put it into words. I have even tried to "get in on" some of these trends. I enjoyed reading it because of its semi-sarcastic nature. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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