i bet it's cold outside // le happy.

striped sweaters
leather boots
baked apples
tator tots
back-to-back concerts
impromptu photoshoots
new wardrobes
leaves floating [or sitting at the bottom of] water fountains
hot tea
woolen blankets
pink noses
hand-me-down sweat shirts
house-shoes worn as day shoes
the impossibly attractive tom hiddleston
purposeful birthday gifts
wilting stems and blooming buds
autumn light
oversized coffee mugs
inside jokes [i need a kick!]
the opera
old and new friends
unexpected expected blessings

instead of like usual, i'm not going to say anything in this section, because i'm trying to be in the moment and let it document itself and live on unabridged, unadulterated; and each breath drawn and given will be its own commentary. 
-kiss kiss kiss, baby it's cold outside-
{pea ess: that last photo is a preview because i just couldn't wait.}


  1. ah. I want to see pictures! lovelovelove oversized mugs- the best! xoxo :)

  2. ah, cold front just hit here too, oh it was so beautiful this morning with the frost on the ground! so happy it is beginning to feel a little like fall:)

  3. this is such a happy list. also I love that last photo and was hoping it was a preview. can't wait to see more.
    also--"baby it's cold outside"--I adore that song. I'm singing it with a friend at an open mic performance next month at a little coffee shop. I may or may not be super excited. :)

  4. After that preview.. I'm so giddy to see the rest! I mean those pants are AMAZING.

    Oh, and you BET it's cold outside. Not like you'd know.. Texan. ;)

  5. Yes...yes...yes. :) This is an awesome post Jocee! :) Oh... and if you haven't already, you should totally look up One Direction on youtube. :) They're an amazing band and quite attractive. ;)


  6. Lovelovelove this, dear Jocee. ;)

    I'm a Texan too...it was FINALLY cold today ;)


  7. Lovely post. :) I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  8. mm, this is lovely. hand-me-down sweatshirts just bring one a certain satisfaction. xo

  9. Hot tea, woolen blankets, autumn light....ahh. How lovely.
    I am in love with those shorts! Talk about snazzy! I would so wear those.

    ~Kate <3

  10. oh Jocee, you bring a smile to my face. every. time.

  11. oversized coffee mugs. yup. the bigger they are, the more coffee you can get in 'em. and, I cannooot wait for those pictures!! also, are you sure you don't wanna come and see me in california?!

  12. Baked apples, leather boots, hot tea & that second picture are the best ♥

  13. I HAVE THOSE SHORTS! I bought them on holiday and it makes me feel like I am back in New York's 35 degree weather instead of my village's 5 degree weather...

  14. THIS LIST. perfection, my dear. also, those shorts are so cute! xoxo

  15. your posts make me happy jocee. sometimes i sit at the computer and tear up because they represent so much happiness. and i desperately need need to be happy.

  16. texas was finally cold yesterday, and my legs got bit with cold unexpectedly in the morning as i ran out the front door to get the mail and it was spectacular. i promptly went and put a hoodie and sweats on afterwards and it was marvelous :]

  17. this is great. the last picture is like: KAJDSLKFJASDLFJA;LDFJA;L <3

  18. yay! another le happy post. you're so cool.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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