sans titre.

i am rarely asked how i feel. most of the time, it's better that way. but the one time you do, i will likely respond with music. for joyousness: anna sun - walk the moon; for empathy: adagio for strings - barber; for ambivalence: timshel (cover) - kina grannis; for notions of love: eyes closed - the narrative; for wistfulness: the violet hour - the civil wars; for forgiveness: the chain - ingrid michaelson; for studiousness: venetian boat song, op.1 - mendolssohn, and so on. it's not that i cannot convey my feelings with my own words, but there's a magic in the way someone else can spin them about and turn them into something poetic as well as true. lyrics or not, i speak through melodies, breathe through time signatures. my heart is a drum that chimes and rumbles, my mind is a baton that either softly lilts up and down or sprints about in a mad frenzy. i am the product of late night improvisations, i am the orchestrations of grandeur. and honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way.

-kiss kiss kiss, do you hear the people sing-


  1. oh jocee. this made me cry.

    (Also, I am now listening to Venetian Boat Song, Op.1 - Mendelssohn, thanks to you.)

  2. one: french title. win.
    two: music. win.
    three: les mis reference. win.
    how are you so full of win?

  3. I think that's really nice, Jocee.
    Sadly, one of my worst enemies are key signatures and I'm just horrible at reading notes and I dunno...It's all just hard for me.

    But of course, listening to music is wonderful.

    1. here's a start to bettering your knowledge of key signatures: for the key of C major, it's all or nothing. plain old C has no additional sharps/flats. C# has all the sharps. Cb has all the flats. but C is all by itself. also, there are seven sharps/flats available in a key. if you're in the key of E major, you have four sharps. in the key of Eb major (half-step down), you have three flats. 4+3=7. #wehaveabreakthrough. same for minor. in e minor, you have one sharp. in eb minor, you have six flats. 1+6=7. i guess you can say it's like math, but since i don't like math i refuse to acknowledge that fact. for me, it's just a thought process.

      hope this helped! :) <3

  4. (1) My drama group is doing a group number of "do you hear..".. WHOOP.
    (2) Pretty pretty pictures, girl!

  5. that picture omg how what i can't even.

  6. oh gosh. LOVE THIS. one of your best posts yet, doll.

  7. that picture! ohhhh my my my.
    your words?
    ohhhh my my my.
    basically, your blog is one of my favorites.

  8. Oh my gahhh, so relatable! And you said it all so beautifully! I'm new to your blog, and slightly obsessed. You're an amazing writer and photographer, keep it up chica.

  9. oh wow. so beautiful. this is really great.


  10. gorgeous photos...and my choir and I were singing that not half an hour ago!!!

  11. lovely photos!! your words speak truth. music expresses feelings in ways words cannot.

  12. Oh my goodness. SO TRUE. And BEAUTIFUL.
    This is why sometimes when I sit down at the piano I don't even need notes, just feelings. (Instant sloppy composition.) Gaaahhhhhh... <33333

  13. The comment on the normal models I use is so important to me. I chose to photograph my friends, girls like you and me to portray beauty in all its imperfections and not the pretended perfection that the fashion industry conveys.
    I really hoped that somebody would notice it and it doesn't surprise me that it was you. You are an exceptional person, dear.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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