day 3: a favorite book....oy vey

So, I already picked a favorite song, and movie (and they were both easy), but NOW you expect me to come up with a favorite book? What are some words to commend this occasion: Superb, voila, fantastique, ov vey. Haha, I'm kidding. I did spend alot of time yesterday trying to think of a favorite book, but I then realized that's not easy. But this morning, I read Bleah Briann and Anna's posts of their favorite books (which happened to be the same), and then it dawned on me. I'm currently writing two books. "14", and "Dehlia". And to make sure this post isn't ages long, why not have "Dehlia" be my favorite book? And it is, because it's all I think about (well, not all but still, it takes alot of work to write a book), and I exert alot of energy writing it. Not to mention, it's a pretty good book if I do say so myself :P. 
So, here I go, and I hope you like it. Dehlia

Raven Michelle Grey: is a fifteen year old girl with a conflicted past. She grew up as an only child living with her father and mother, and one day her mom walked out and drowned in a boating accident. She was eight years old when her mom died, and upon turning twelve, her father re-married and now it seems her life is in shambles. She doesn't have a friend in the world, and it seems the only place she can receive comfort is at an old mansion that's near her home. It's tattered and faded, with ivy growing all around it and boarded up windows. Except the lawn is a sight so unfamiliar. It's a deep forest green, and doesn't show the least bit of death, or abandonment. There's a croquet game set up, and a small round table made for tea, and a parasol draped across a chair. It's a peculiar sight to anyone who passes by, but Raven is used to it. 
She often comes to the old house to get away from her parents, because her stepmom always seems to picks a fight with her and her father won't defend her anymore. They've both become estranged people, and nothing can help it. Without anyone to care for her in the world, Raven goes to the mansion once more, and out of the blue, comes Dehlia.

Dehlia Purdue: is a young woman who Raven thinks to be mad. She seems as though she's in her thirties, and wears vintage clothing all the time, and appears as though she's attending a tea party. She sits into her chair and drinks tea, not paying any attention to Raven, and leaves suddenly, beginning to observe an un-played game of croquet. Without a word spoken, she enters the old house again, and Raven discovers she's been staying in master bedroom, the only room without a boarded window. 

After some coaxing and observing, Raven and Dehlia become good friends, and Dehlia tells Raven of herself. Dehlia reminds Raven of her mother, Evelyn, because of Dehlia's silky black hair and sapphire blue eyes. It seems as though when residents of Amherst, Maine pass by the old mansion, that Raven seems to be talking to herself, and she soon discovers that no one else can see Dehlia, but her. But what will happen next? Will Raven's parents put her in a mental hospital? What will happen to Dehlia? More details will come soon, I promise! (by the way if you want to know what the characters look like, I don't really have visuals for them now, but I'll find them later on.)

Now, if "Dehlia" doesn't count as a favorite book, then I'd have to say my favorite it, "A Gown of Spanish Lace" by Janette Oke. It's a great Christian romance novel, and it's a a bit of a mystery as well. Check it out!

(P.S. I might tell you about "14" sometime soon, and I think you'll like what it's about!)
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  1. That sounds really really awesome Jocee! :D Hey... maybe we could exchange book ideas sometimes? If you don't want to it's fine. But I think it'd be cool.
    PLUS... I think we could some extra eyes.
    if you wanna you can e-mail me. :) If you don't wanna it's all good.
    BUt your book sounds great. What a beautiful name.


  2. Yeah, I'd love to exchange book ideas with you! Not to mention, I'm only on page one of "Dehlia", and I'm still working on "14", so yeah, that would be great!! :))
    -Jocee <3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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