Here Comes Happiness, Here Comes Healing, Here Comes The Sun {Guest post: Mary}

A chilly wind stung my face, a light mist of water droplets fell from the trees above, and beyond the branches was a gray, bitter sky. "It is as though the whole world feels how I feel." I thought as a hot tear slid down my cheek, I swiped it away with a worn tissue. I listened to the trembling voices around me as the minister and a couple of others sang quiet hymns. I tried not to look a the beautiful casket in front of me, heavy laden with flowers, so I turned my face away only to see my family members and a couple of close friends huddled together, hugging and crying pitifully, while others whispered words of love and comfort. I watched it all in heart-wrenching sadness, "Will life ever be the same?" I thought. Memories of my grandfather flashed through my mind- his bone crushing bear hugs. His handsome smile. His kind ways. The one who always kept everyone overflowing with happiness and joy. I knew I would never sit on the back porch with him sipping icy cokes while he told me stories, nor would I look through photo album's or play games with him any more. But would that be the only thing that would change? Would Grandpa's death also bring tension and sorrow through my family forever, as it was these past few days? "God, where are you? Why have you done this to my family? Why did you take such an important part of our family away so soon, so quickly, without much warning?" I wanted to cry out. With many tears and unanswered questions I made my way back to the church where a service would be held in memory of my dear grandfather.
Painful days turned to sad weeks, and sad weeks turned to healing months and healing months lead to faded scars, and as these changes where made, also did the sky...as the emotional wounds began to dissolve, so did the heavy, dark clouds. Soon the sun peeked through the broken clouds. And winter sorrows turned to healing Spring and from healing Spring came the warmth and joy of Summer. I could feel it--- the power, the happiness, the renewal of strength and hope to go on.
The sun shone brightly above my family six months later as I gathered together with my many family members for a day of togetherness. It was then that I saw the smiles, the fresh start and many joyful hugs. I felt that old feeling of happiness and joy that I hadn't felt in a long time. True, Grandpa was no longer with us down on earth...but as I stand outdoors with the fresh summer air softly blowing wisps of hair around my face and the bright sun shining down, wrapping me in a blanket of warmth, happiness and security...I can just feel my grandfather with a host of angel's, sitting at the feet of Jesus, looking down from heaven and smiling upon me. And somehow, with those feelings---I know everything will be just fine.
With many exciting summer activities ahead, such as adventures at our lake house, picnics at the park, trips to the snow cone stand, days at the zoo and many more fun-in-the-sun activities...I feel myself bubbling over with excitement and anticipation, like a little kid in a candy shop. And I can't help but thank God over and over for bringing my family and I peace, happiness...and sunshine.
Mary: ...is a lover of chocolate chips... ...never has too many lipgloss tubes... ...always carries a purse... ...loves to blog... ...loves anything that sparkles or shines... ...is obsessed with Gone With The Wind... ...thinks black and white makes everything better... ...loves babies... ...likes to shop... ...is a big fan of Manic Drive... ...loves storms... ...loves vintage things... ...loves to bake... ...hates bacon... ...believes happiness is a choice... ...loves chai tea with lots of cream... ...loves donuts... ...loves anything with sprinkles... ...loves the color blue... ...loves you if your name is on her blog... ...loves flowers... ...wants to be a storm-chaser some day... ...loves Jesus with her whole heart... 
Mary is one of my most favorite bloggers of all time. She is author of the blog Sue-Sue's Stories, and for me it's just impossible to leave her blog without being all smiley and having warm fuzzies everywhere. We have so many things in common, and I just love this girl. This post was truly amazing!! You know you want to check out her blog...do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it.....Yes, you better do it :D


  1. You are so amazing, Jocee!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Thanks for letting me guest post...and thanks for the sweet things you said about me! Your the best everr!<3

  2. You are a really good writer Mary!

  3. Hi Jocee,

    I recently became a follower of your blog. Your blog is awesome!! :)

    I'm having a blog party too, for the grand opening of my new blog: http://5-subjectnotebook.blogspot.com/

  4. I sent you an invite for Pinterest! Just check your email! ;) Enjoy!!

  5. ahhh! what an awesome read! nice work mary!
    i feel as though king peter is feeling a little left out in this blog party jocee...he's missing out on the cupcakes. lol
    keep on cupcaking darling!

  6. You have such a cute blog!
    Beautiful post:)
    God bless you, sweet girl!!!
    xxo, Jazzie
    from: www.jsheaa.blogspot.com

  7. Really great post, I didn't know it was a guest post! Bravo Mary!!!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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