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Because of my Sunday laziness, I'm posting this a day late. Also, since I didn't do any blog party on Saturday or Sunday, I'm going to extend it until the 8th. YAY!!! So, party on!! 
Now, you know I went to Six Flags on Saturday. Well, some of you asked if I went to the Fiesta Texas Six Flags (or whatever) or just plain old Six Flags in some odd place. Well, the answer is, yes, I went to the one in Texas (San Antonio to be exact) and I live in Texas anyway, so it's probably more convenient this way :P
So, I'm sure you want to know what roller coasters I went on. Well, I'll tell you:
Je suis terrifié de montagnes russes (et des hauteurs d'ailleurs) alors je suis resté sur leterrain.
That's French for:
I'm terrified of roller coasters (and heights for that matter) so I just stayed on the ground. 
Okay, so I went on that swingy ride thing (the one in the picture) but that was pretty much it, except for the water rides.
My dad's company got this special picnic grove for us (it was a company thing) and we had BBQ (and about five cans of soda). 
I made two new friends named Alia and Elizabeth, and we went to the water park together afterwards and raced down this boogie board thing.
When the water park closed we went to the main park, where Alia said that I should ride the Poutergeist (or whatever) with her. I was getting into it until she said they pushed off at around 80mph. Now, when I saw them push off, it was a LITTLE bit faster than 80mph. More like 200. Yeah, that's better. 
So, I just watched her mom ride it (since she claimed she was high on sugar when she rode it) and we met up with my parents and Joy and Elizabeth and watched the lazer/firework show together. It was so awesome!!!! 
After leaving Six Flags, we went to McDonald's for some good not-necessarily-old-fashioned junk food. Now, that may sound pretty cheesy and kinda gross, but I swim 18hrs a week six days a week with double practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm entitled to some french fries :) 
After ice cream we all said goodbye but we'll happily see each other again sometime this summer. This was a boring post, wasn't it?
Before I go, I have a question (two actually):
  1. I'm thinking about making a blog series about makeup. Not just physical makeup, but mental and emotional makeup. Would any of you like to do a guest post on it? Me needs help.
  2. Say I wrote this book called "The Axel Code". Does it sound interesting? Would you read it? 
Also, I'm entering Liz's photo challenge {Vintage}:
This is one of my old china tea cups, and it's sitting on a vintage little pillow that was made for one of my American Girl dolls. I used to be obsessed...heh heh ;)
One last thing (I promise) the camera's back!! So I'll probably be taking pictures of everything I can get my hands on....until daddy takes it again on Sunday :P
Oh! ONE LAST THING!!!! (pinky promise) Doesn't this look delish?
I know right!?!? Okay, okay, I'm done. :D


  1. Ooh a makeup series sounds cool! I would be interested in that :)

    Also, I would totally read The Axel Code, I'm not even exaggerating. I can already imagine a book cover. It sound like an exciting, thrilling sort of book.

  2. Hehe! My only memory of six flags was going when I was about seven and deciding upon arriving that I LOVED roller coasters, and was an expert on the topic (even though I'd never been on one in my life). My eighteen year old cousins were overjoyed with my enthusiasm and proceeded to take me along on the biggest roller coasters the park had. I left that place scarred for life, and it was many years before I was willing to try a roller coaster again. :P
    You should definitely do a "make-up" blog, or post series, or *something*. It's an area we all have or need experience and help in. :)
    And yes, those do look delish. *drool*

  3. Sounds like you had a ton of fun!!! And, oh my goodness, I hate the Poltergiest! I got tricked into riding it twice....in a row. I had the world's WORST headache. Never again!!!!!

    I would love to read the new blog series. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm qualified to write a guest post, so I'll just read it. ;)

  4. six flags sounds like a really fun park! You make me want to go there soooo bad. :)

    I love teacups, and that is a splendid picture of one! Great job. :D

    Have a fantastic day! xxxx~Kelsey

  5. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I would definitely read that book, the title catches my attention.
    If you did indeed do a make up blog series, I would love to do a guest post. It sounds like an interesting topic!

  6. haha i'm not big on amusement park rides either. i'm movie to ohio, and my fam wants to go to cedarpoint. i'm like, "no. not happenin, y'all." so ya! lol


  7. This is not a boring post, dearie, sounds like you had fun this week-end...oh, and THANKS TO YOU, I want french fries now.=/ ;D So yeahh...
    By the way...the make-up blog series sounds really cool.
    Glad your back<3

  8. Three things:

    1. This post is charming beyond belief.
    2. Of course I would guest-post during the make-up series. That is something I am really passionate about, and I would love to give my two-cents worth.
    3. You have been given The Sweetheart Award over at my blog. Love you, girlie cat! <3


  9. Oh Six Flags! Gotta love it. I just went there a little under a month ago for the first time (the New England one) and it was awesome! Now, I AM a roller coaster person, and so I had a ton of fun going on some of those extreme rides but one of my friends I was with refused to go on any with me. He actually looked pretty sick just watching.....

    Anyway, that's my take on Six Flags. Also, I would love to guest post about mental and emotional makeup. Sounds cool!

  10. I'm glad you had a great time!

    A blog series on emotional/mental makeup sounds interesting... I'd love to be a guest poster, but I'm not quite sure what you're looking for...?

    Oh, and where is the photo contest being held? Me is curious! :D

  11. I would love to help out with a makeup post. I have always struggled with that, and it would be cool to give some tips to some other girls who are struggling with the same thing :) By the way, Six Flags sounded like alot of fun :) I'm not a big fan of fast rides either :P

  12. Yay! I'm glad you are back. :) I can't blame you for not going on any roller coasters- in Disneyland I think I only went on 1 and it was meant for 2 year olds. And I still got scared. :)

  13. I would totally guest post for a makeup series and I love the idea of it being not only physical. And The Axel Code sounds like an exciting book and I would totally read it. Don't worry you are not alone on not liking roller coasters or heights I am the exact same way. : )
    Check me out at
    and there's a link to the book I'm writing.
    I only have two followers and I think it would be amazing to have 100 like you so please follow me!!! Not just Jocee, anyone who reads this really. But not crazy stocker people. that would just be weird..... Anyway, GREAT POST JOCEE!!!!!!!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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