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So, this post technically counts as a blog party post, but instead of doing an award, or a tag or anything like that, I'll answering a question that someone had asked me quite some time ago. (WHOA, I just said "quite some time ago". I must be British :D) So, what better place than to answer it right here on my blog? She asked this:
Why do you always say "great post" and leave smiley faces in all of your comments? It seems kind of repetitive. 
(Please note: this friend doesn't have a blog) 

Well, here's my answer to all of you, just in case you were wondering:
The reason I always say "great post" and always have that little <3 after my name, and the reason always put little smiley faces on my comments is:
All of you have great posts!! All of you deserve smiley faces, and little notes of kindness. Whether the post is happy or sad, I'll be there to say "great job" or "I'll be praying for you", because I will. I don't go to everyone's blogs and say the same thing just to save time, I say all the things I say because I think you deserve to hear them. Besides, who doesn't want a little encouragement? 
So, in the answer to your question, dear friend, that is why :)
And now, for the second part of this post! Okay, so last week, me and my Teen Court buddies had a cookout to celebrate the end of the year. My rockin' awesome killer attorney friend Christina brought her killer camera and my friends and I pretty much became the paparazzi. It was so much fun!!! Check it out: 
This is the necklace Ellen was wearing. I love little shells like those :)
This is Chloe. She hates getting her picture taken, but we got her anyway!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! (I'm telling you, I would KILL to see Darth Vader laugh) I'm in love with the colors of the tye-dye shirt and *gasp*! Is that bokeh I see? Yes it is :D
Look at the texture of the sand!! It's so beautiful!! *sigh* The camera's focus is just great.
We found this flower/slash weed thing and spent 30min taking pictures of it. No joke. It's that cool. 
Before I say anything else: OMG BOKEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellen actually got this shot. She wanted to get a closeup of the spider web and that's what she got :)
OMG MORE BOKEH!!!!! The gang was playing volleyball, and it was so funny. I even got multiple pictures of my friend Rebecca, and when I played them backwards it looked like she was moonwalking!! 
This is Julia. She's one of the best defense attorneys we have. She's great. 
More bokeh on the side there :D This is Ellen. This shot is so awesome, I made two more versions just to bring out her eyes :D
Look at that deep blue. It's just gorgeous. It reminds me of Peter Pevensie's eyes.....
*sigh* Yes, yes, I had such a good time at that cookout :D I'm going to miss everyone though :'(
Have a lovely-happy day, all! I'll try to get a post about my sister up later on :)


  1. I waaaaaaaaaaaaant that camera. <3

  2. Good post :)



  3. Teen Court sounds like so much fun! I love the pics!

  4. That camera is awesome >.< Wish I had something close to that. . . .
    Anyway! I feel like I'm missing something here :3 What's bokeh?

  5. Great Post!:)


    Oh wow!! I LOVE those pictures...soo beautifully clear, and that necklace...I WANT IT! Oh, and Ellen's eyes=beautiful! Pretty, pretty!

    By the way..what in tarnation are you talking about? Hayden laughs all the time...;)

  6. Amazing camera and fantastic photos!

    I finally had to Google "bokeh", because even though I sell my photography online (TheForestFaery.etsy.com) I didn't know what it meant, LOL. Now I'll probably be using the word all the time! ;) Not only is it useful, it's fun... Bokeh. BOKEH. BOOOOKEEEHHH. xD


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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