{how to}: masking tape flags

But before I do my tutorial, I have some really bad news. This morning when I went to upload some pictures off the camera I accidentally put in the USB cord for the old camera. When I figured this out I tried to put in the proper USB cord but it wouldn't work. So therefore, I broke the camera. *insert me crying my eyes out which I have already done countless times today* My dad is shipping it off to get it fixed so I won't be able to take pictures for about a month. Also, I kinda need the camera for my California trip. So, if anyone has a DSLR that's in good condition that they don't want anymore, would you contribute it to a sad cupcake lover in Texas? 
Anyway, back to subject. My little sister went to a Backyard Bible Club this summer and there was a summer festival on the last day. My mom and I walked the cakewalk, and GUESS WHAT I WON?!?!
Yes, I won this adorable little French Vanilla cake {and it was delicious, by the way} and I noticed there was a pretty little flag on top that noted the flavor. I fell in love. And I mean HEAD-OVER-HEELS-IN-LOVE. Yeah. Anyway. These little masking tape flags are *super* easy to make, and they're great organizers!! So, without further ado...
you will need:

  • Masking Tape {To make even more special you can use Japanese Masking Tape, which can be found online} 
  • 2-5 toothpicks
  • Some colorful pens {optional, you can use just a plain old pen}
Now, you're ready to go! 
  1. Tear a piece of masking tape off of its roll. 
  2. Take a toothpick, and wrap the masking tape around it evenly, so it looks like the photo above^^ 
  3. Press both sides of the masking tape together so it will stick. 
  4. Mark your masking tape flag and you're done!!
Please excuse the date. It wouldn't come off. Arrgggggghhhh 
I hope you enjoyed!! And if you're dying to know how I did the backdrop for the photos {I'm pretty sure you haven't even thought of it but I'm going to tell you anyway}, I just took a piece of fabric {I happened to have Calico on hand...atleast I THINK it's Calico...} and draped it over my open laptop. It's probably not the smartest thing to do, but it sure works!
One more picture for good measure? Okay!
 Bye-bye, lovelies!!
pee ess: I just got a Flickr account! Check my sidebar for the link.
pee pee ess: Should I make a twitter account? I already have one, but it's under my stage name, and I have this *adorable* username I'd use. Should I? 
Okay, now, I'm leaving. Must. Pull. Away. From. Cupcake. Oops. I meant computer. *sneaks away hoping no one noticed that* 
*EDIT*: Forgot my signature. Oops. 


  1. you might be able to get pictures off your camera without using the usb cord! If your computer has an SD card slot you can just put it right in there! most laptops have them :) I have never ever used a usb cord for my camera!

  2. *I* noticed and I'm telling Will!!!!! DUNN DUNN DUNN!!!
    Cute flag, by the way...very clever idea! Sorry about your camera, hunnybunch! I broke mine not to long ago too and now I have to stick with the cheesiest little Kodak excuse for a camera until I can get a new one! *sobs* Hope yours gets fixed soon!:) :) :):):)

  3. Should I mention that you didn't make me hungry today with your cake and cupcakes? Why? Because we have baked a ton in the last two days and have cinnamon rolls, cookies and cupcakes floating around the kitchen! Yum!

  4. if you had an apartment in LA I think it would look like this - http://gallery.apartmenttherapy.com/photo/la-rodelleehousetour-bethanynauert/item/271165

  5. That's so adorable! And there is something so much adorable than masking tape. Japanese tape! Here is a link to it. It's so fun and adorable to play with. :)


    Have a lovely day my friend! xxxx~Kelsey


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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