and after labor day...

school starts. 
which means: the smell of crisp notebooks. soon to be abused by countless explanations of the quadratic formula and why oil and water can't mix. 
oh yes, school starts. 
which means: early risings and many cups of tea to calm the nerves {which is something i can't complain about}
which means: numerous experiments with homemade volcanoes and lots and lots of vinegar, only boosted up to the next level. 
which means: {for me} taking algebra 2 and geometry at the same time to get ready for the PSAT's this October.
which means: my secret life of daydreams may only be reignited after 8pm. 
which means: books that are begging to be read must wait until the weekends.
which means: more US history. 
which means: yay, fun! although i liked Medieval history alot better
which means -- wait. i'm making school sound terrible, aren't i? okay, let's change it up a bit. 
-insert me starting this post all over again-
and after labor day...
school starts. 
which means: watching the sunrise with a warm cup of hot chocolate before starting the daily chores.
which means: witnessing the remains of summer go by and leave us with the glorious colors of autumn. 
which means: cold nights, and flannel pajamas.
which means: a good book at the end of the day. 
which means: music composition class starts up again. 
which means: the young composer's competition will be wrapping up soon.
which means: i better get to cracking. 
which means: breaking schedule for spontaneous kool-aid {tropical punch, if you want me to get into specifics}
which means: more posts with imperfect capitalization and punctuation. 
but really: i like it better like this, anyway. 
but then again: Lani is going to think something's wrong with me. 
back to our main subject: notebooks won't be unused anymore, which drives me crazy. 
which means: mechanical pencils will be used to their limit, and then off to the store to buy some more led, which gives me a lovely-happy, tingly feeling inside. 
which means: i'll have pencils to use. 
which is why: the notebooks won't be sitting with no writing in them anymore. 
date: september 6th, 2011
time: 12:50pm {i know, i know, just hush}
first subject: algebra 2
notebook color: yellow with a black rim
pencil color: orange
sophomore year: bring it on. 


  1. awesome post! school means fall + winter which means everything wonderful and lovely and perfectly CoLd. I can't wait(:

  2. congrats on starting school.

    have fun. <3

  3. We are starting school tomorrow (originally it wasn't going to be until after vacation but then our plans changed :]) and I can't wait. Call me weird, but I love school.

  4. Ohh school.
    the lovely *coughAWFULcough* time of year.
    And to think I've been in it for nearly a month :(

  5. Love it!! My first day back was mental but good, it was nice to see my friends and get some exam results back!! Eeek!! But it was good- I'm glad you can see the positives of going back to school!! :) xxx

  6. today was my third day of school... hope you have an awesome day!!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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