a menagerie of musings // the end of september

i'm finally getting back into the swing of things. this summer i did horrible, reading a measly one hundred and fifty-nine books. i must be dead. no :P my mom and i went to barnes & noble on sunday, and i bought a few things with the gift card that i won early last month. ted dekker, jane austen, and kathryn stockett. guess the names of the {three} books i bought. and, go. 

that feeling when you pull back from your camera and examine your work? you smile, grunt, take another photo. it's a sense of ecstasy, hearing that soft click go off - both in your ears and your head - and knowing that you've captured a moment that will be with you forever. a picture of a picture of a picture, an infinite loophole. so fascinating. apparently, daddy's going to buy a new camera today. this goes hand-in-hand with my news. 


i feel like a mini-ina garten or giada d. or something. i've been experimenting lately, craving. pasta, chicken, muffins, cupcakes. taste, texture, presentation, photography, it's all so mesmerizing. by the way, this video is tragic. yet beautiful. 

down with the bloody green grass! i'm sure i'm not the only person who feels this way. today there's a chance of rain. rain. i'm sorry, am i saying that word right? oh. okay, good. well, it's been along time, and i'm ready to dance.

why? rain. glorious rain. lighting. teasing my eyes. blankets. wrapped around my shoulders. september is almost gone, october is coming around. my birthday is less than three months away, and i'll have to start my birthday planning soon. my news should be announced tomorrow, and the song of the day is "my heart will go on" titanic. because that movie just kills me. and i've only seen 30min of it. 

-kiss kiss kiss, hug hug windpipe-
{pee ess: i'm thinking about getting a twitter! you know, for the blog. well, for me. but i'd be posting some things about the blog as well. should i?}
{pee pee ess: just a little longer for my news, loverlies}
post credit goes to abbey


  1. I love that video!!!
    Great post dearie. <3

  2. YES! Get twitter or I'll cry ;) xx

  3. My guess is for the Kathryn Scott book: "They loved to Laugh"

    -Natalia G


  4. Love the video. Now I want breakfest! Is that weird? ;)
    --Sara Beth

  5. I can't believe it's fall! Where did the summer go??

  6. You didn't happen to buy "Forbidden" by Ted Dekker did you??? If so... I am EXTREMELY jealous.
    My other guess would be "Immanuel's Veins" :)

  7. Im ready to dance tooo, i want so badly to get soaked, drenched, sopping wet with RAIN!

  8. Gotcha!!! I went to my first sectionals last year, and lets just say......there are really really fast people there! I really want to make my Jr.National cut this season! Its like my 1# goal! haha! But, anyways! I just think its cool that you swim because all of my christian friends outside of swimming have no clue what I am talking about when I say stuff about swimming. Haha! I am like I am doing a 100 free and they will be 100 laps!?!?! Yeah, sorry i am just blabbing. Tend to do that. Okay, thank youuuu!! P.S. I love this post btw! :))0


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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