{i was going to post this thursday, but i decided to just go ahead and do it today.}

or should i say 230.
this post is so overdue that i should be banned from eating cupcakes for a day, but then i would die. not cool. i've been writing on this blog for about ten months, and it's remarkable how many of you have tagged along for the ride.

to me, it's a process to start a blog. you brainstorm about the name, posts, main reason for your blog, and then you start it, and things may go swimmingly, or you might be in a place you didn't expect to be. so, you need some advice. you go blog browsing, and you see what all the big popular blogs do. great blog design, simple, yet serene posts, but you don't have any idea that so many people would find you interesting. because, in my mind, i think this was something i did for myself.

but now, after 265 days, 369 posts, 2118 comments, and 40, 497 views. wait. what? whoa. shut the front door. anyway, i think this is something that you guys can relate to, since so many of you have committed to reading about my uppie-and-downie life, filled with cupcakes and peter pevensies, and trials and tribulations of wanting a fairly decent camera.

so, to all of you, i give 230 from-the-bottom-of-my-heart thank you's, and 690 cupcakes so each of you guys can have three. or you can always have 1,380 mini-cupcakes so each of you can have six. i don't know, whatever you guys decide.

so, i'll leave you guys with this:
these look absolutely adorlable. did i just put another L in adorable? oh. okay. that's cool.
hello, my name is jocelyn, and i think i just invented a new word :D this calls for more cupcakes. and a kiss from my husband. 

-kiss kiss kiss, hug charlie brown- {i think he needs a hug}
{pee ess: photo challenge is going to start tomorrow. i forgot to clarify that. oops.}


  1. Congrats girlie on the progress and success of your blog! :D Since I have no cupcakes at the moment (sad, I know right?) I will eat a frosted sugar cookie and think of you :)

  2. what's the link to the challenge?!?! D:

  3. CONGRATS!!!! Sooo exciting!!! How did you build your followers so fast?!?!?!? Just love this blog!! :))))

    Cindi @ Cotton Candy Clouds

  4. wow! congrats(:
    and I think we should all give Charlie Brown a hug, too(;


  5. Wow! You got some followers very fast! I have had my blog since January, and only have 24 followers. But that isn't TOO bad considering I never really posted but about once a month up until late summer. Hopefully going to keep moving forward now that I have really commited myself to all the blogging! :) CONGRATS GIRLLY! :)
    --Sara Beth <3

  6. Congrats!!

    It's awesome how fast you got your followers, I'm so happy for you!!

    Charlie Brown always needs a hug. :)


  7. oh my golly gosh... last time i glanced at your followers im prety sure it said 200! way to go girly!! :D


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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