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one of my personal friends asked if i could show some candids of myself on the blog, so the readers {you guys} would get a chance to see the girl behind the cupcake stand. an alternate title for this post would be "my unfortunate attempt at fashion blogging". 
outfit {even though it's not shown}: hairdo - short hair chignon // dress - ross // shoes - DSW // purse - marc jacobs // headband - ross // earrings - vintage from grandma // shawl {not shown} - unknown

on a sunday, when dinner is cooking, and mommy and joy are switching from gymnastics to football, when daddy is doing something to the same affect - which excludes gymnastics -, i take it upon myself to find something to do. and this would be it. because sometimes, pointless posts are good for the soul.
i just got my Christmas music from my piano teacher. "Christmas Time is Here" from Charlie Brown, and "Snowbirds Journey" Kathleen Massoud. my neighbor's children are walking outside with parasols and cupcake sweaters, with a polaroid in one hand and a hand radio in the other. i love my neighbors. 

i think we're going to be making raspberry cream pie sometime in the future. my grandma sugar {carol} is coming to visit tomorrow {so excited} so maybe while she's here. by the way, my grandma smells really good. speaking of cupcakes, there's a cupcake apron from anthropologie that i've had my eye on and miranda cosgrove just happened to wear it in one of her latest episodes of iCarly. i mean, i've loved iCarly before, but now? ohmygoshbubbles. speaking of cupcake aprons, my birthday's coming up in two months...fifteen! 

i've been neglecting my husband lately. to remedy that i think i'm going to do a wordless post just for him. would you like that darling? i think he likes it :)

the timer has gone off for the ribs and it is now time for me to go. so, goodbye loves! i shall leave you with this:
hi, my name is jocelyn. yes i know i'm cute. 
also, i think i'm going to make some iced coffee. 

-kiss kiss kiss, hug leonardo dicaprio-
{pee ess: "all things autumn" photo challenge to be held sometime this week!}
{pee pee ess: i'm thinking of doing a "you choose what i post about next" game. what do you think?}


  1. Jocee you are adorableee!! :3

  2. AHH!!! SO in love with that headband <3 you rock it, girl:D

  3. wow i can't believe you're only going to be 15! you older (in a good way ;)

  4. You are so pretty! You look like Vanessa from the Cosby show.
    Can't wait for this post about you husband (;
    Beth xx

    Yay Photo Challenge! I've wanted to have one for awhile, but i can't think of a theme. Hmm..

  6. cuh-ute, cute photos, friend.

    what a lovely smile.

    oh yes, i think i'd like to see a new husband post myself.

  7. very, very cute! You are so perty!! :)) Anthropologie? ohmygoosh, that is my favorite store evah! Oh, and yes, I'd like to see your husband again. ;)

    Love, hugs, cotton candy sunsets,

    -Lindsey Lou

  8. You're so cute! And I love your headband! ;) Great pics!


  9. You have SUCH a pretty smile, seriously. (:

  10. Well helloooooo there, beautifullll *whistles*
    Yes, your daggum cute, m'dear:) And YAY for wordless post about hubby!!! I can't wait!!:D :D (You can throw a little Hayden in there for me, ya know;D ;D lol)

    P.S Invite me over for some raspberry cream pie, okay?:)

  11. :)))))
    you have the prettiest smile!!!! Yours is the kind of smile girls wish they had and actresses pretend to have ;)

    love you always,

  12. Nice to officially meet you!

  13. Hey, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I really enjoyed looking through your posts!

  14. You are gorgeous!!!!!! You have like THE best smile in the history of smiles! LOVE YOU PRETTY GIRL! :)
    --Sara Beth

  15. haaa, i love this. everything about it. plus, you're gorgeous! (:

  16. Your eyes are gorgeous girl! You look really familiar to me....

    Have we met?




sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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