thoughts by the girl named Bleah {a guest post of sorts}

Bleah. That's my name... sounds alot like bleck, or bleach -- I get that. But let's just think Princess Leia... Princess Bleah. That's what it sounds like anyway. What does it mean? I have no clue. Why did my mother name me Bleah? Because it was someone last name and she liked it, at least that's the story.
But enough about the name, the name takes away from the girl. It really does.
This isn't a real purposeful post, I might do another one later on that has more of a subject. But I really just needed to ramble for a little bit on a new platform.

My thoughts are are follows:

Love: the most important thing in the world, Jesus said it, The Beatles sang it, and Christians are supposed to live it, right? All you need it love, because it's the greatest of these. Hence the title of my blog being "where love abounds" because where love abounds there grace abounds also. At least that's what the good book says, and it's the good book that's the guideline for my life.
Leading us into the following.

Faith: I believe that religion is overrated. I don't follow religions such as Catholic or Baptist. Jesus never said anything about a religion, the only thing he wanted was a relationship. I live day by day in a full on relationship with Jesus Christ my Savior. He is the way the truth and the life, through him and my faith in what he did on the cross I will one day enter the kingdom of heaven and see God.

Food: I'm more of a live to eat then and eat to live kinda girl. Food is good, and what's the point of eating if it doesn't make your taste-buds dance around your tongue? I'm not much of a chef, I'm the impatient type. But I love to eat, my husband will be a cook, and I will be his test taster. Though I have some crazy desire to one day become domesticated to be a proper house wife, cooking, cleaning, and all. Oh yes, and I love nutella --

Writing is my passion and one day I'd like to either be a journalist or a teacher, get my doctorates, and eventually become a professor.
I'm old fashioned when it comes to clothing, politics, and good old fashioned integrity.

If you like what you've heard today you can comment below and if the response is good I'll be back in a week or two with something more substantial.
If you love what you've heard today maybe you'd like my blog?

{about the author}
Bleah Briann (Blaya Bre-ann) 16 year old homeschooler with a passion for all things pink, vintage, and literature. Reads alot, talks more. Prefers lower case letters and british spelling, is not so secretly in love with Adam Young of Owl City. Dancing to music in her bedroom when no one is watching. Loves Jesus Christ with all of her heart. Check out her blog here to make her smile bigger then the man in the moon.


  1. Love the photos! This was a brilliant post, it's nice to just unwind and read nice rambly/random posts sometimes :) Good job! xxx

  2. Bleah... what a uniquely beautiful name. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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