shameless rambling

i'm at my grandma's house, eating oreo cookies, and watching football players sporting pink rubber bands in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. i've just about had it with beards. and also, i've been thinking about cats lately. 
i have just retired from spending another day at the film festival, and am awaiting my day off tomorrow so i can go shoe shopping, and possibly make creme brûlée with the new ramekins grandma bought. also, i love edward scissorhands. a lot. 
you know how johnny depp waved at me at edward scissorhands? {as i'm typing this i realize you don't. sorry, you guys -nervously excited smile-} well, i had the opportunity to meet and talk to caroline thomspon. and if you don't know who she is i'm pretty sure she wrote edward scissorhands. she's such a kind soul and calls everyone "sweetheart". and she gave me her pen. we're practically best friends! i think i'm on a roll with celebrities. so i hear james franco is at the festival, too.. 
i'm eating an ice cream sandwich and my mom is talking about an anonymous peach cobbler. i am overwhelmed with joy over this post and can hardly believe 2011 is almost over. i'm slowly but surely getting my social life back, even though the score for my music competition is almost finished, my life is still rather busy. my last days of being fourteen are beginning to take its toll...
i've been thinking a lot about people lately. who they are. who they're thought of as, and who they want to think of themselves as. and so, i'm thinking of starting something new. called "the scissorhands project". more on that later, when i do my film festival overview post. 
i am very tired. i saw a screening of puss in boots today {really good, cute movie, consider going} and at the theater they showed old 1970's movie previews and i was a little weirded out. but then they started playing the Beatles and Elvis and i was incandescently happy. the photo challenge entries were supposed to end tonight but i'm so tired so that'll be done tomorrow, plus i won't be able to post tomorrow. 

i can't stop thinking about edward scissorhands. i think i'm in love. night night, dearhearts :))
-kiss kiss kiss, hug edward scissorhands-


  1. I really want to go see Puss in Boots, it looks great! xD

  2. That kitty picture is adorable! I just did a post about cats :)


  3. Jeez, you're just best buds with all the celebrities! :D But since you're the celebrity of cupcakes yourself, it shouldn't come as any surprise. Lovely ramblings! :)

  4. I'm all new to the world of blogging, and you're blog is soo cute!!! I love you 15 before 15 idea and I used it for my blog: http://themisadventuresofrebeccac.blogspot.com/

    Oh and I adore those shoes on you header...Just sayin' :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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