quotes from your own

your own being me. 
one of these days, when my mom is in a really good mood, i'm going to go notebook shopping. i've brought up the subject before, but every time i do, she says "what do you think is sitting over there in your school area? possums? because you can't do algebra on possums." but i explained to her that i wanted special notebooks. ones with tea cups on them. audrey hepburn. floral patterns and eiffel towers. to set them apart from the others. also, the plural of possum is possi. {iCarly, ya'll}

anywho, the reason i want to go notebook shopping, is because i want to write in it. i mean, some people want to draw in their notebooks, so it can be that obvious can it? just roll with it. like abbey has a blogbook, i want a quotebook. i'm sure i'm not the only person who's thought of this. but instead of them being quotes from various authors, or actors and actresses; various famous people, i suppose, i want them to be quotes from me. after all, last time i checked, there wasn't a law that said normal people couldn't make up there own quotes. 
exactly. so, why not? today i'm going to treat you all to some of the quotes i've made in my lifetime. these are...heirlooms i suppose. of things that my children are going to find when they're in the "all things from the stone age" phase, and their children, and their children. so, Geronimo. 

"one day i want a man like mr. darcy. solemn, yet opinionated. quiet, but passionate. and you can see his heart's desire through his eyes." 

"there's something about a good book. the way it feels in your hands. the tingle of excitement when you turn the pages. time after time you tell yourself 'just one more chapter, then i'll go to sleep'. and then, two hours later, with nothing but your flash light, you realize that 'just one more chapter' was the rest of the book. and you close it with satisfaction, but then have the desire to read it again."

"all you'll ever need in life is a camera, a notebook, and a pair of sunglasses. the camera to capture every memory you've made. the notebook to write down everything you've learned. and the sunglasses to look cool while doing it." 

"we always want what we can't have, because what we can have, isn't good enough."

"cake, to me, is a reminder that there is still joy and love in the world. moist and tender on the inside, with a sweet sensation that brings a smile on top. whether it be in a circle, a square, a rectangle, or even a parallelogram. it's all lovely and happy. but, to me, the best part of it is, it can be made in cup form."

and personally, the one about the sunglasses is my favorite. also, i may not have made this quote up, but it's just too hilarious to resist: 
"seize the moment. remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart."
life is uncertain. so just eat dessert first. also, amateurs built the ark, and professionals built the titanic. also, i had an awkward deja vu moment in my dream last night. just thought i'd put that out there. also:
i think i'm obsessed with these things. awesome :)
-kiss kiss kiss, hug jack sparrow-
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  1. Loving the quote with the sunglasses :P

  2. I've been wanting notebooks recently too!! Something about unused notebooks makes me happy :) and I LOVE the quotes. Everything you said is soooo true!

  3. Love the quotes! So creative! :))

  4. The second one is now my Facebook status ^_^

    {In quotes, with '-Jocee' at the end, of course}

  5. I have a quote book!! I love it!

  6. sunglasses is my favorite as well(: and i wait for my mom to be in a good mood too! she never wants to buy me anything, much less notebooks, unless she's in an excellent mood. (:

  7. Notebooks are my absolute FAVORITE. :3 I cannot resist around the pretty, vintage ones. I think notebooks have to be some of my favorite things. ;)

    The sunglasses quote is my favorite too! Actually, before you posted this quote (I think you had posted it on another post) I had saved it on my computer (with your name after it :P) cause I thought it was that clever. (;

    xoxo, hayley

  8. you are so amazingly crafty and adorable.
    and i love every single one of these.
    of course i posted the "all you need..." one on facebook, with your name at the end and a little heart right beside it ♥
    because you're just so awesome.
    no doubt about it.
    and i really can't wait to meet you someday soon.

  9. Ok all those quotes are amazing! I'm going to get a quote book just so I can put down all of those!! I like the Mr. Darcy one :) hehe....


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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