days of a decemberian {1}

this is part of a daily journal i started for the month of december. inspired by carlotta, libby, and abbey
december 4th, 2011.
dear december, hamish is a rejected vegetable. i say this, because while watching becoming jane at two in the morning with my best friend, i recognized one of the players to be hamish from the new alice in wonderland film. he wasn't as revolting. his hair wasn't baby carrot orange, and his lower lip wasn't nearly pulled down over his chin. but because he was so easy to spot and we know him only as hamish, i decided that hamish was the name of a rejected vegetable. something between cauliflower and radishes. poor hamish. with his indigestion problems. and his mother who thinks he's the bee's knees, in a respectable manner, of course. now i see why alice didn't want to marry him. carrying on...
i am sitting at home, after church, piano recitals and tutoring, next to the window, staring at the rain as it's sheeting down in a mass of plips and plops and sparkles. the rest of the family is in the family room, giving their undivided attention to a football game. there is a big bowl of vanilla ice cream in my lap and a holiday magazine at my side, cut up into various shapes and glued onto doilies for my birthday decorations. i just ordered my anthropologie catalogue, and i am infusing wreck this journal with a scent of my choice. you can guess what that is, can't you? 
i've been pondering about what Christmas would be like if we spent it someplace new. florida maybe. or even california. with the whole family, of course, because Christmas wouldn't be the same without grandma or grandaddy or uncle q and aunt mary. what would the weather be like? sun shining? starting down at a world of green grass and palm trees? no snow, but no matter the weather, we'd still be singing of white Christmases and sleigh rides, and wearing argyle sweaters and big brown boots. 
farmer's market mornings, pomegranates no matter where you are. waking up to open windows and the smell of turkey and trimmings and presents crowding the tree, then lighting a candle on a cupcake and singing happy birthday to Jesus. going in the backyard with grandaddy listening to him marvel about how his beautiful roses survived the year. 
here in texas, the days are getting busier, the weather colder, and the coats bigger. planning for gifts, pondering the wrappings, practicing for family piano concerts, movie marathons and menu conversing. in other news, mommy's birthday is on tuesday. and my birthday is eight days from today.

happy december 5th, december. so far you are wonderful. 
-kiss kiss kiss, hug vinyl somethings-
{pee ess: seven days until my birthday now. and speaking of mommy, she just put a hat on my head. thank you mommy.}


  1. sounds like a lovely day, Jocee :)

    your blog always makes me happy, m'dear. You have such a way of spinning words in the most beautiful way <3


  2. yes yes that does sound gr8!!


  3. I love that picture. I'm really liking how more of your pictures are in the posts.
    Beth xxx
    P.S Just view my blog to get the url..I love the design!!! Thankyou!! Thankyou!! Thankyou!!!

  4. prettypretty photos! and of course your writing is stupendously stupendous as always. are you going to infuse your journal with cupcake perfume??? because that would make me uber happy. I wonder if there even is a cupcake perfume...

  5. Happy birthday to your mom! Loved this post Jocee. I swoon over your beautiful writing. <3

  6. Jocee, I love you and your posts.
    That is all.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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