just little things {95-120}

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095. when the phone rings and it's for you.
096. realizing you're lost in ikea.
097. absentmindedly drawing designs on your hand/arms/legs.
098. always getting the green light.
099. string-bound books.
100. one hundred of these littles.
101. finally finding that thing you were looking for.
102. sitting on the porch and doodling all your thoughts.
103. when you stop typing and the blinker keeps on blinking.
104. finding something you liked out of something you hated.
105. putting your favorite songs into your 'happy' playlist.
106. getting a new wristband.
107. when the leaves begin to grow again.
108. in the end when tom goes from summer to autumn.
109. smiling over the phone.
110. when you think you lost something but you really didn't.
111. writing letters to yourself for when you're older.
112. going through your grandma's old dresser-drawers.
113. quiet time.
114. finishing something right before the microwave goes off.
115. when the trains pass you by.
116. when someone picks up on one of your old sayings.
117. the way certain people walk.
118. realizing your lifelong friend loves the same things you love.
119. opening up a new composition notebook.
120. browsing your grandad's record collection.

because i have the best friends in the world who adore the same things that i do, i'm getting something i've wanted for a long time in a few weeks. it's not a camera, so far. i'm not going to say anything so i can kill you all with suspense, though not literally. the past few days have been ever-lovely and last night i relaxed with a pot of french vanilla tea and blueberry muffin cake.

however, this morning i have a sore throat, but not to fear! i have more tea and lots of classical music. right now? i'm procrastination/waiting for someone to email me. coughcoughnovacough.
did i mention i love you guys? 345 followers? holy beatboxing.

-kiss kiss kiss, find alaska-


  1. favorites=

    96. ikea is the best store EVER. we used to go there all the time when i lived in montreal, because there was one a few minutes away from our house. then we moved away. :( although i do like where we live now. a LOT.) (actually we moved six + a half years ago, anyways.....) my most recent ikea visit was in 2010. it was a lot of fun.

    105, 109, 113, and 114 (oh my gosh yes).

    abbie /// xoxox

  2. ooooo! (that was done in a high-pitched and rather squeal-ish tone) i can't wait to hear your little secret.
    that ought to be #121: realizing that you have the ability to drive your followers crazy with anticipation... ;) have a good day and get well soon girlie!


  3. This is so cute, Jocee! My favorite are #116, #118, #098, #095, and #097.

    Really, though, almost all of those are my favorites!

    Happy Blogging, friend!

  4. 115. <3
    Awesome post. :)
    Feel better super soon!

  5. Seriously?? You can't even tell me? ;)

  6. You always make the best ever lists of the simple things in life. Getting lost in Ikea? Awesome. But who would think to put it in a list? Only Jocee ;)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  7. i may or may not really love all of these. like seriously. you make me so happy :)
    and you need to get better soon. like now. right now. yesyesyes.

  8. wait, you went to ikea and you didn't hide in a wardrobe and shout "for narnia!"?
    young lady. I can't believe that you went and told me you were gonna get something super amazing and then left me hanging. i die. gee thanks.

  9. GET BETTER SOON. That's an order.

    I "lose" things ALLTHETIME. and then my little sister goes and searches for them and finds them in like five seconds. and then I'm like... oh. I DIDN'T LOSE IT! :D

  10. Hey! I have a sore throat right now and , sadly, I had to do a science fair project and I think I sounded like a toad. :'( Also, <3 LOVE <3 this list you made, <(.".)> Jocee <(.".)> and your blog!!!
    Please visit me!:
    (Fishes and Kitties!!!)

  11. I love reading the things similar to this on your twitter. So cute(:


    I just realized that I was NOT. FOLLOWING. YOU.
    until just now.
    >>Who the heck am I???<<

    I read your blog literally EVERY DAY.
    I really hope that you can forgive me for this.


  13. Haha, it's funny you should say 'holy beatboxing' because my teacher beatboxed for us today in class. Okay, maybe not all that funny. Anyway. 107 & 114. <3

  14. I can relate to almost all of these! This is probably my favorite list so far.(:

  15. P.S. oh, and 112? yea, i do that all the time...and take pictures.(:

  16. i have a sore throat today too, i hope we're both not coming down with something!
    Love the list as well, so true

  17. 110. I know,right!
    111.I think that is really cool
    These are MY favs


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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