i like quiet.

making peach cobbler has been postponed until later this evening, due to a spontaneous trip to the park by daddy and joy {he owes me and mommy pie crust from grandma's house}. mommy's napping in her room, and i just got back from an escapade into the backyard.

photography is like playing an instrument, really. it can be taken quickly, with excitement; allegro. or it can be done slowly, with care; adagio, ritardando. like on the piano, when the last note is played and you listen to the sound fading slowly into nonexistence. a fermata of sorts. photography is suspension of time. instrumental notes suspended, hanging in the air. the notes of life, i suppose. it's pretty cool, isn't it?

mommy's up now, she's sitting on the couch, and we're about to work on an essay that's due conveniently {i lie, totally not convenient} tomorrow. i hope daddy's home soon with that pie crust.

-kiss kiss kiss, leggo my eggo-
{pea ess: new blog design coming soon? i think yes.}


  1. happy easter, dear! and I lovelovelove your photography/music analogy. that's perfect, and since I love both, it was even more perfect. (:

  2. mm, peach cobbler is my daddy's favorite.
    i've grown so used to your blog design, i hope this next one tops it :)


  3. I really love that last diptych. :) Save me some cobbler, eh?

  4. You always have such creative posts. Seriously, where do you get all this creativity? I love how you just tell about life in your posts. And that's all I have to say. k bye. :)

  5. I *love* that analogy! It's beautimous. :)

    Happy Easter!!

  6. eeep! these are gorgeous! and I'm sure I would appreciate your photography-music analogy if I had any musical talent... hehe :) happy easter, jocee!

  7. I agree with Olivia, where Di you manage to find all this creativity!? Lovely post and lovely photos! :)

  8. your pictures are killing me. so good. LOVE the way you compared photography to music! eek! a new design? how exciting! I always get so excited when people do new designs. it's so...lovely!;-)

  9. Music anologies = beautiful melody to the soul. Love those photos, especially the first one. Simply beautiful. Umm.....Pie crust.....(:

    =^..^= Hunteress =^..^=

  10. Oh Jocee dear, these are SO gorgeous! What did you name your camera?? I'm aching to know. Also, I say yes to a new blog design; you'll feel so much better after you re-design it. (At least, I did... I felt all fresh and new and clean, like the sweet sigh of a summer breeze.)

    xo, me.

  11. New blog designs are just peachy :) And I have to contain myself from driving over to your house and stealing your camera.


  12. Lovely post!

    Jocee, I have a few questions, would you mind contacting me?


  13. hey girly :) here's my new blog url:


  14. Your photography is looking very nice! I really love the first and second photo. I think it's something about the light, soothing colors that make me go, "WOW!" The comparison to music is quite clever too. :)

    I am a tad bit jealous of your afternoon. Peach cobbler? Uhmm...want to send a piece to NC? ;)

  15. I come every time I come across your blog I have a longing for cupcakes and peace? <3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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