finding your niche.

since this post, i've been rethinking blogging. since before this post, i've been rethinking blogging. i don't know if you've noticed i haven't been blogging nearly as much as i used to. the time that i could've spent blogging, i spent writing countless drafts of posts that didn't even fit the type of person i was. so yeah, inspiration was lacking. but while it was lacking, i was exploring.

as you might know, i'm updating my faq. someone asked me why i blogged. i wrote a post about it some time ago, but now, i realize i don't rightly know why i blog. i mean, yes: i blog because here i can be myself. but myself? the blogging world is constantly changing, and i find i'm sort of changing with it, and i don't exactly know who i am anymore.

let's think about it for a moment: when i first started blogging, i wasn't into photography. i wasn't into fashion. i liked it, but i wasn't constantly dressing up to go to walmart or anything. i didn't know hipsters existed. but as i expanded my reading list, i realized everyone else was. and that to be really successful like them, well, when in rome you do as the romans.

let's look at me today, shall we? just got her first dslr. has a mac. overdresses for everything and wannabe crafts like crazy. this isn't me. the mac is, actually {extenuating circumstances}, but everything else came with the desire to fit in. to be noticed. i've actually bought something from antropologie. last year i didn't even know what that was. this isn't my niche. i want it to be, but this isn't naturally who i am.

my niche is honesty. my niche is finding people like me and saying all the things i wish i could say for real and actually be understood. this is the thing that i'm comfortable with. the thing i've realized i'm pretty good at. if i'm allowed to say so.

so, i'm not going to give up all those other things. i still like photography. i like exploring my options on what i can wear. i like creating new things. but i'm not going to give up who i really am. and besides that, i'm not really into the whole hipster-guys-with-Bible-beards-thing. not cool.

have you realized your niche yet?
-kiss kiss kiss, think think think-


  1. wow... just what i have been feeling lately, Jocee. finding your niche is hard! so hard. after a time of "doing as the roman's do" you kind of forget who you are; YOURSELF. i am working on rediscovering myself; who i am. thanks for sharing this. this should become a blog challenge! be yourself. :)

    -mikailah @ www.maid4him.blogspot.com--come by sometime! ;)

  2. ah jocee. i've actually been re-thinking my niche a lot lately. finding the perfect blog design, writing style, writing content...it's taking so long to figure out but i'm getting there :)

  3. it's perfect, jocee. just perfect.

    i think that my niche is definitely *not* the my-life-is-perfect kind of thing. i mean, my life is pretty amazing, but far from perfect. my niche is finding beauty in the pain & the joy. and expressing it through words and photos. and as for photography, it's a way that i can express myself *so* clearly, and i'm so in love that i couldn't imagine being parted from my camera.

    i admire you. i absolutely do. i think that honesty *is* your niche. as long as i have been following your blog, i've been able to see the raw truth that comes with a lot of your writing. you are simply wonderful.

    abbie /// xoxox

  4. Love this post and totally agree. I did like photography a whole lot when i first started blogging, but i dint care about fashion as much as i do now i guess. Thanks for this post

  5. okay, that's just scary. i was going to email you and ask you about this very subject. serious, dude, stop reading my mind.

    this was perfect. i have been feeling like in order to fit in and be popular in the blogging world, i had to be like those other girls, and like the things other people liked. how immature. i've lately been more careful about the things i pin/blog, asking myself "is this something i like, or is it for everyone else?" now, granted, since i started blogging, my tastes have changed, but i can still tell the difference between what's "me" and what's "popular."

    sorry to write you a whole letter. thanks for voicing this, though :)
    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  6. you're right. this is so totally true. and whatever your niche is, Jocee, I'll stand behind you. because a person that is themselves (and is confident in that) is what is most attractive. Great post!!


  7. ahh, that makes perfect sense. i haven't experienced that, but i understand. blogging does change us. and i think i sort of know *real* you, not just your outward appearance etc. i believe it shows through your posts, if you kind of get what i mean. :)

  8. Oh yes. I've been feeling this lately too, so much so that at times I just want to stop blogging and stop reading blogs and pretend there is no other world but the one I've been put in. It's so hard. And I don't think I'm even close to being where I want to be or who I want to be.

  9. Maybe blogging didn't create these new interests, as much as it brought them to the top? Before I started blogging, I liked looking at pretty clothes, and liked fixing up imaginary outfits, but now, I do it full time, and not imaginary. It wasn't something blogger and pinterest created, as much as a baby isn't a baby once it's been born, but we can only see it once it's been birthed into the world.

    Did that make any sense, Dear-friend-of-Nova's?

  10. Just from reading your blog, this is what I think you're like. Creative, honest, funny, loves books and movies, loves love, and cupcakes of course, dreamer, deep thinker, sincere, hug giver, story inventor, picture taker, word inventor, and seriously, just awesome :) I could probably make this comment really long but i'll just leave ya with that.

    Xoxo--Bethany <3

  11. Pretty much the same thing happened (and is still) happening to me. I look at these bloggers with over a thousand readers, fifty+ comments, people constantly talking about them, etc. And it makes me want to be like them. My posting has started to not sound like me in the slightest. Why? Because I strive to be more like them than like me. My blog is losing readers, barely getting comments, barely hanging in there. Many times I have felt like just deleting the blog and never returning to Blogger. I feel like last year was when I really felt comfortable being myself. But now? I suppose if I don't try to write just like the more well known bloggers, people will lose intereset in my blog. But it has back-fired. Big time.

    I guess I feel like I need to live...er..."blog" up to some expectation.

    Quite frankly -- I do not yet know what my niche is. Thank you for posting this though, it has encouraged me to take some time and reflect.

  12. my niche has is always expanding, i'm the overly artistic girl who loves to create anything, so i've found that through the blogger world i can be inspired by so many artists and writers who, instead of changing me, i take bits i love from them and let it inspire me make those bits unique, change them up a bit, and make them mine.

    i don't have alot of readers/commenters/followers, and sure, i'd love to have more, but really, i just love to share what i do with whoever will look/listen. if u ever came to my house i'd be like "ohoh! u wanna see my quilt? oh, and i drew this yesterday! and don't let me forget to show u my stamps too!", sometimes i think thats pathetic, but i enjoy sharing with people. thats why i love to blog, and read other blogs, to learn and share:)

    i really love your blog, Jocee, you've got serious spark, and thats something i feel is natural for you<3

    @Ashely, that made beautiful sense!!

  13. I have a difficult time recognizing what you mean, mostly because I started my blog to share my story with digestive tract paralysis. I've never had the ability to be like everyone else, with their food posts and their fashion updates, because most of the time I just can't physically do that. And that's ok. Writing style for me is my biggest issue, because there is an entire other aspect to my medical condition that I don’t share, which makes me feel dishonest, but I doubt anyone would want to read about it anyways.

    If I have any advice to give, (and I'm sure other people have said this as well) it's write for you. If you're happy than what does it matter? You're a likable girl, Jocee. You're witty and you make me laugh, along with many other people.

    It's like Ricky Nelson said, "You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself."

  14. Thank, thank, thank you for being honest, dear. I completely feel ya. Before blogger, I was the girl who was a Hunger Games fanatic, wrote like crazy, loved Jesus, dressed like I was from the '50s, and listened solely to Owl City. Mid-blogger, and I'm still all those things, just the way I am/ do them- is updated to be cooler. I have to ramble in a cool way, dress old-fashioned in the new-fashioned way, only talk about God every once in awhile, brag about getting the vinyl of Barton Hollow, and fit my Hunger Games opinions to those of the bloggers around me. And then I feel so fake, and embarrassed, and awkward. "Wannabe crafts like crazy"? Oh oh yes. Doing things just so you can blog about them and awe people with your hipsterity, to me, does not feel good. This is awesome, Jocee. :)

  15. >(.".)< Jocee >(.".)< this is a real eye opener. Before blogging, I was just... well...plain and ordinary. Now, I still feel that way. I wanted people to acully see who I really am and I feel like I'm not really being me. I really need to find what my blog trully is again.

    Thanks for the realisation,
    =^..^= Hunteress =^..^=

  16. Your blog is lovely! Like seriously.

    :) your newest follower,


  17. I have been thinking about this a lot too, lately. That's why I've been on a little blogging break, to ponder, what IS my true niche...do I like anthropologie because I like it? Or do I lean more towards it because everyone else is liking it?

    Like you, I want to be honest, and being honest may not always gain the most followers but it's...right.

    Thank you so much for the inspiring, eye-opening post! So simple, yet so amazingly written - now that's talent.

    >>----> come stop for tea {and a cupcake!:)} @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  18. It was so good to read this, and I'm so glad you're exploring and posting what you truly want to write about. I know that I love art, photography, and fashion, but there are days when I don't feel very inspired and end up with a poo post. I always think that I NEED to post at least one to two times per day, but it really isn't that big of a deal.

    Thank you for this!

    Have a happy weekend!

  19. Great post. I think all bloggers go through this. I am.

  20. amen to that, friend. you are refreshing. it seems like so many bloggers are following "trends" nowadays--and it's sad. because i follow blogs so i can get a glimpse into DIFFERENT peoples' lives; if they all start sounding the same i lose interest. plus, it is easy to be a copy cat--it's dang hard to be original. and the hard stuff always reaps the most.



  21. First off, I admire the sincere honesty behind this post. Second, this is something that I too, have also been battling with lately. In fact, I have just recently discovered my very own niche and started a new blog, on a fresh new slate. It's hard to not get caught up in the latest trends throughout the blogging community, or to not want to fit in. But once you realize what truly matters, it's a beautiful thing. Never try to conform who you are, to fit someone else's mold.

  22. This is really inspiring, I've just started my new blog and it's helped me realise exactly what it should be for, exactly what I should be doing and what I shouldn't: loosing myself in the hypnotising trends of the blog world. Thank you and Godbless- :) x


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