it's summer and the weekend is forever.

ice cream bar.
starting tomorrow, i will be leaving the realm of easily accessed internet connection and the only thing that will be easily accessed is a field of cows, for two weeks. i have so unbelievably lovely guest posters lined up for y'all, and i hope you'll enjoy them while i'm gone.

currently, my family is calculating the amounts of splash from the various divers at the olympic trials, i'm working up the strength to get up for today's ice cream bar, and joy looks like one of those cartoons that exploded as she's getting her hair done. so for now, while i get ready to leave for a show with my mommy, some things from our day that are worth quoting:

joy: "c'mon, son! do us proud."
daddy: "hey, jocelyn, since you're taking pictures of everything, do you want to take pictures of my half-eaten rib bones?"
me: "grandma, the food looks so good. i want to eat it."
mommy: "it's going to be one hundred and eight degrees this tuesday? darn! i thought my arm pits were safe."
grandma: "goshbubbles."

my family is hilarious.
-kiss kiss kiss, filter-
{pea ess: my new design is so beautiful, you guys. can't wait until you get to see it.}


  1. whenwhenwhen. do i get to see it while you're gone?

  2. have an amazing incredible wonderful trip and take lots and lots of photos! i'm excited to guest post! and also very excited to see your new design!

  3. Can't wait until you get back Jocee!


  4. your mom? she cracks me up.
    have a great trip -- can't wait to see the design when you get back! :)

  5. Your Gramma says GOSHBUBBLES. Will ya tell her something for me? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE?!

    She rocks.

    Just that. That's it.

  6. Summer...it does feel like a forever weekend. Cannot wait to read the guest posts. Yeah!!!

    And a new design? I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!

  7. aaaahhhhhh! can't wait to see it! :D have fun on your vacation and make sure you fill us in on all the juicy little details! ;) and yeah. your family is pretty hilarious.

  8. PURPLE BOKEH. So awesome! :D I'll miss ya like crazy but I hope you have a great time! <3

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  9. Your grandma says goshbubbles?! That is one cool grandma. Goshbubbles.

    ♥ lindz

  10. have an awesome time away! looking forward to the guest posters, can't wait for the new design! AND your family is most definitely hilarious. fullstop.

  11. Have fun! Those photos are great and your family is so funny haha! Xx


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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