a short note on a semi-cloudy thursday.

i was going to do a vlog for this, but then i ran out of time/couldn't really work up the nerve {because quite honestly i'm rather nervous about doing a vlog}, and i'm not at home right now so i can't make you guys one considering i barely know how to use pc's anymore, so i'm just going to write it. 

so. hi. i don't say this enough, but i just wanted to say how truly i blessed i am to have all of you. there's three hundred ninety-six of you all, which is seven hundred ninety-two cupcakes {assuming you like to have more than one}, and i swear, i didn't expect you all to... like me so much. i mean, let's be serious. i'm a city girl in texas who has a rather obnoxious love for cupcakes, a fleeting span of celebrity crushes that i don't care to admit, and a life that's not the most interesting to be published. i don't even know what i said that made you all start coming, but i'm happy you came, because while most bloggers are saying that "it's not about the followers it's not about the followers," i get a little giddy when the number jumps. when i get an extra kind note on a certain post. it's like you're in a marathon and you're one of the last people to finish and you think you're doing really crappy and pitiful, and everyone else who has finished comes back and takes your hands and helps you cross the finish line. it's like we're joining hands and i'm not doing this alone.

and blogging has been a real journey for me. i'm getting sort of sentimental, and this isn't going to lead to my saying i'm going to quit blogging, but goshbubbles. if it weren't for this, if it weren't for bleah giving me that extra push, i wouldn't know so much about writing. i wouldn't know tumblr existed. or audrey. or tom hiddleston. i'd just be the girl whose friends unknowingly ridiculed her for her race, for her gender, and i wouldn't know how to take it because i can't explain myself in real words the way i can in writing. okay, i'm getting teary-eyed now.

i don't want to make this into a nobel prize speech, so basically what i'm saying is: you guys are legit special to me. like my actual friends. i've clicked on all of your profiles and blogs {or at least tried to, anyway} and savored your comments and questions, and in a way, you're better friends to me than even my real life friends are. they suck sometimes.

being a teenager, i've been going through issues. and sometimes stopping and writing up a post or taking pictures or whatever... it helps. y'all help. and oh my goshbubbles on pumpernickel, i want to hug all of you. so there. i'm crying now. going to eat an oreo because grandma has no cupcakes. 
-kiss kiss kiss, and he shall be my squishy-
{pea ess: like my starfish? me too. it's cute. even if it's not pink and from finding nemo.}



  2. awwwwwww!!! Jocee! ♥ Your blog is amazing, doll. You can be so hilarious sometimes, and make me laugh, and other times, you make me tear (like crying tears...not tear{rip}the paper) up! :') Honestly, I could care less about your race or gender...or whether or not you like cupcakes. Everything you write about is just YOU and the awesome words you make up are too creative! Goshbubbles! ;) I wish I could mail you 17 cupcakes{assuming...ahem...KNOWING you like to eat more than one} ;) ♥

    Love ya girl! ♥ And I LOVE this blog. :)


    PS. Hope you like long comments. lol XD

  3. aw golly jocee, now I'm teared up. right when I want to quit blogging, you write up this little post here and remind me about that finish line thing where the people take your hand and help you across the finish line? yeah, that's where it's at. thanks, love- you are freaking amazing. <3

  4. goshbubbles... this has me getting all emotional and such. (seriously, my throat is all tight.) y'know, there was a point in time when i thought that maybe you wouldn't want to be my friend... now i know that was silly. you're one of the friendliest, funniest, most awesome bloggers i know, and i'm so happy that i found your blog.

    all that being said... we bloggers have to stick together, y'know. so whatever it is that's got you sad, keep your chin up, beautiful! just keep swimming ♥

  5. i loved this to bits, jocee! this made me smile...you are totally awesome! :)
    i'm sorry about your issues...guess you can't go through teenagehood without them!
    never stop 'the cupcake dictionary'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please. ever.

  6. so, first off. I love you. you're sweeter than apple pie. second, I love your blog. third, you're adorable. forth, you rock. ok. I'm done ;-)

  7. Aww :) This is so sweet! We all love you because you're you! You don't make out you're someone you're not. I feel like I know you- yet I live like several hundred gazillion-billion miles away! And hearing about your celebrity/character crushes makes me feel like I'm not the only one (Josh Hutcherson will be my husband. He's just not aware of it at present.) I also love you because you're 'real' and you're not aloof, only hanging out with the other 'populars,' you always find time to reply to my tweets and always make me smile :)
    Kimmy x

  8. This is so sweet, Jocee, you know we all love you as well! You and your blog are just absolutely lovely. That is all I can say. Congratulations on getting this far! xx

  9. Jocee, this was SO sweet! You've probably heard it a hundred times, but I really love your blog. I love that it's YOU, Jocee, and no one else. Somethings just shines out from your posts. You are honest. You are funny. And yes, sometimes you about make me cry. Rock on, girfran! Congrats on your followers.:]


  10. aw you're so sweet :') i just love you. you've been one of the best online friends i've ever had. :) haha remember all those little fangirly emails we used to write back and forth? yeah, we'd totally going to get into a cat fight over a-certain-invidual-whose-name-i-wont-state if we ever see him at the same time...but you'd probably win. ;) anywho, you're just great Jocee. when i read all the comments that everyone takes the time to write you, you've gotta see how much you mean to all of us. i love coming to your blog and there really aren't enough words to describe how much i like having you for a friend :) ♥♥♥

  11. This is so sweet! It's this amazing personality of yours that has us all coming back, because you are so awesome, funny, kind, and so, so darn cute. So please keep it up, and I totally get the uncoolness of not having a blog, I've learned so much since I started in November!
    xoxo, I'm sure I'll be here when you hit 1000 ;)

    pee ess: 792 cupcakes? May I help you decorate them? And do, please do tell me there will be chocolate ones! <3 ;)

  12. I love you and your blog *because* you love cupcakes, and have celebrity crushes, and a not-glamourous life. Because that's actually something I can relate to (although it's not cupcakes so much as strawberries and it's not celebrities as much as it is fictional characters for me :)) And because you're funny and down-to-earth and honest and different in a really good way. <3

  13. You know you're adorable! :) I am so happy to follow you. :) *hugs*

  14. you are so sweet. I love you and your blog because you are one of the most amazing people I've ever met (even though I haven't actually met you in real life, yet) and your writing is so magical. And so much more <3

  15. I'm in the first time visiting your blog and find your posts are amazing! You're a great writer and you have to know how big all of your followers (or friends) love you :) You should be proud :)

  16. You are the most sincere blogger that there is, and ever was, I swear.
    {And am I getting this right when I say that you watched Nemo the other day? Becasue I did too :)}

  17. aw. i feel so special now. thankyou <3

    and finding nemo for the win.

    abbie /// xoxox

  18. i havent been around blogger for a while. but boy every time i come back i head straight for your posts. you. are. the. best. and evvybody knows it.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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