just little things {193-216}

ere the sun rises.
193. the steam that rises after you pour the pasta out of the pot. 
194. new car smell. 
195. realizing a movie was better than you thought it would be.
196. having room enough to open your car door all the way after you park. 
197. the way little kids say your name. 
198. the first time you hear him sing and play guitar. 
199. the smell of sunscreen.
200. two-hundred little things to be observed.
201. when you open an oreo cookie and the cream stays in tact.
202. tying your shoes correctly for the first time.
203. finishing that last errand just before the store closes.
204. waking up well after being sick for a long time.
205. buying a new batch of bobby pins.
206. crossing off the dates on your calendar.
207. finding something you think you lost forever.
208. seeing someone for the first time in a long time; the first hug.
209. the smell of your grandparent's house.
210. sleeping in your bed for the first time after a trip.
211. unpacking that final moving box.
212. scanning the rows plowed fields in the country.
213. watching the leave change throughout the year.
214. getting all the green lights as you're driving.
215. when someone has a personalized license plate.
216. when it rains while the sun is out.

i was going to post about camp today, but i feel slightly overwhelmed at the moment. being in the country for a week and waking up at dawn every morning can do a certain thing to your insides. you tire of waking so early and yet marvel in the miraculous beauty of the coming day. i slept until nine this morning to make up for the naps i neglected to take and felt much better. but still, i'm getting back into the swing of things, so expect more of me this week. aha. it feels good to be home.

-kiss kiss kiss, the hollow crown-


  1. these are beautiful. i smiled at each of them.

  2. i love 197. the most awesome nicknames have come from my siblings not being able to pronounce "Jessica."

    xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. awh! ^_^ Those are cute. Welcome home! <3

  4. I agree to each of them.

    By the way, I saw your profile-you like to listen to Birdy too!?! Awesome, me too! :)

  5. aww. these are lovely. welcome home!

  6. Hi! This is a great post(: I love posting just those 'little things' (:
    Oh, and I wanted to let you know that there is a contest currently going on, and I'm trying to get lots of entries! But it ends the 25th, so hurry over!

  7. The sound of summer cicadas. Plucking grass every time I sit by a soccer field. Crickets. My mom baking in the kitchen. The sound of computer keys clicking as I type. Holding a little girl's hand. Adults who treat you as an equal.

    Mmmm. Thanks for this post. It made me think of all those things I just wrote, and reminded me to be thankful for the little things. :)

  8. I love these!! ♥ little things that make u smile are the best:)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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