of kindred spirits.

we are kin.
i am not one to shop, because my mother has a lack of enthusiasm for it, and my father is... well, a man, so he has even less, and considering i'd rather be chauffeured throughout my life instead of in the driver's seat, my chances of going shopping lessen more and more everyday.

however. on the rare occasion that i am seen in a retail store {which is about five or six times a year, excluding trips with grandma}, it is most-likely because i am aiming to buy a new volume of kinfolk magazine, and that is precisely what i did last sunday.

i remember the first time i walked into anthropologie. i was with mommy, and she was literally appalled at the pricing of everything in the store. she is extremely frugal. we were greeted by a woman, i'd say in her late twenties, with short brown hair and a smile that said: this is my home. and it's yours, too. she asked if we wanted to buy anything in particular, and we said no, and began to wander around the store, all the while drinking in the scent of twigs and wildflowers. after realizing i wanted to buy the whole store, and then realizing i didn't have enough money, i found the same woman again and asked her if they carried kinfolk. we do! i think i saw it over here... ah! the very last one. you got lucky. my eyes were wide with delight and i thanked her profusely before going to the checkout counter.

that was fall of 2011. and sometime each season, i drop by anthro to buy the next volume. the same woman is there, and she greets me with a knowing smile because she knows exactly what i came for. last sunday, it was slightly different. i walked in, expecting to see her at the door greeting customers, but she was no where to be seen. i found kinfolk on one of the first tables and snatched it up, and while my friend was swooning over every item of clothing she saw, i felt a tap on my shoulder. i knew you'd be back again! there she was.

it's funny, how you can influence a person. we don't know each other's names, our backstories, our mistakes or our triumphs, but we are kindred spirits because of a series of articles and photos that resonated in us both.

did you hear they had a kinfolk dinner in austin? oh i wish i could've gone.
me too, but i had a previous engagement, so i couldn't have gone anyways. 
but maybe they'll have one again and you can take your mother or friend with you?
we'll see, considering my mom knows next-to-nothing about kinfolk. but i'm sure she'd love to meet new people.
she seems like a very people-person, so you never know! and all the dinners look simply divine...

only four times a year. maybe six if i'm in the area and i just have to go in. but it's funny, the connections you can make by commenting on the quality of something you've read, seen, or listened to. maybe you thought you were the only one, but in reality, there are tons of others out there who think just like you. and even if you don't make the connection, you're still kindred spirits.

-kiss kiss kiss, bosom friends-
{pea ess: still gathering thoughts from camp, but i can't wait to post about it.}
{pea pea ess: finally getting into blog branding. really defining cupcake dictionary, you could say. so excited!}


  1. Hmm, lovely post my dear! I hate to say it but, what is kinfolk? I've never heard of it before.Some sort of magazine I gather but I'm curious as to more of what it is..

  2. i remember glancing through kinfolk in anthro, but I too would like to hear more about it. it seemed lovely.
    i often wonder how what a small world it is. i feel so lonely lots of times, like nobody understands what i love, why i love it, etc. but really there are lots of souls like me with the same interests. I love finding connections. and that's one of the great things about blogging (okay, since i don't blog, one of the great things about *reading* blogs!).
    anyways, i enjoyed this post. but when have i not enjoyed one of your posts? i think you are seriously the best blogger around.

  3. This story was perfect. Really, perfect. Superb, love.<3

  4. I love this. It's true, you don't have to know anything about a person to become friends. I've never read Kinfolk - something i soon wish to remedy - but it looks divine. Also, I know what you mean about never going shopping. My mom is really frugal, too :)

    Can't wait to hear more about your discoveries in branding!
    xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  5. i love kinfolk, although i've never had enough money to buy a magazine. unfortunately. and that would be SO fun to go to one of their dinners. and that's so sweet of her to remember you--that kinda thing just makes my day :)

  6. love this! I've never seen or read Kinfolk, but I've heard all about it through Blogger, so one day I want to buy a copy.
    and I'm excited about your re-branding journey. :)

  7. One's energy, enthusiasm and outlook really spills out and who they are inside shows on the outside. Just like Anne Shirley. Just by seeing a person, she could tell if they were "a bosom friend" or not. The Anthro lady sounds super sweet! :0

  8. This is the most well-written of all your posts, I do believe!

  9. anthropologie is my all time favorite store! I've only been once. but i know its my favorite <3

  10. such a beautiful story. thank you for sharing it.

  11. I've never read (or really seen) Kinfolk before - might have to change that soon!

  12. okay. can I just express my love for this? your writing is getting more beautiful all the time--this whole piece flows so well.

  13. I love this, and I love those people who you can randomly meet and just know they're...friends.

  14. That's such a great story! <3

    (By the way, I know you don't know this, but you're the one that got me started on reading Narnia a couple days ago. I've read the first book a long time ago, but I thought it was boring so I never finished the series. But now that I see how much you like it, I decided to try again. I only own the book Prince Caspian, so I started from there.)



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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