if you met me // part one.

another selfie.
if you met me, i would either be dressed to meet the queen or lounging in
an old swim team shirt and sweatpants.
if you met me, i would immediately ask you if you've seen the avengers. and whether you did or not, i'd proceed to convince you that loki is the best.
if you met me, i would try to convince our mothers to let us go shopping.
if you met me, i probably wouldn't stop smiling.
if you met me, i would probably talk about how hungry i am {even if i just ate.}
if you met me, you'd get bear-hugged. and poked in the stomach with my camera.
if you met me, i would tell you about how i've been to narnia, gotten married, had three children, and still managed to look good for my age.
if you met me, i would be randomly taking pictures of you in the middle of a sentence.
if you met me, i would tell you how crazy {and loud} my sister is.
if you met me, i would most-likely invite you to live with me in the spelling manor once i buy it.
if you met me, you'd find out that i whistle a lot. like, all the time.
if you met me, i'd probably start taking pictures of myself with my camera. while driving in the car.
if you met me, i'd spontaneously start videoing us doing whatever ever it is we'd be doing.
if you met me, i'd demand that you like cupcakes. because everyone knows cupcakes are good.

yes, if you met me, we'd have a riot. just some things that'll help you get to know me better.
-kiss kiss kiss, oh anna sun-
{pea ess: pardon my expression in the photo. my sister decided to come outside and talk to me, and i was scratching my hair, and i was talking to her, so it's a wonder the photo isn't blurry. meh.}


  1. If you met me I would be so lucky. :) This is such a great post!

  2. ah yes, you're great! If I met you, we would see how much in common we have!

  3. lovelovelove this post, Jocee. Golly. and that photo is lovely! ;) you'd never know you were talking to a {crazy & loud} sister. this is just adorable. seriously. xx

  4. "if you met me, i would tell you about how i've been to narnia, gotten married, had three children, and still managed to look good for my age."

    Haha I love that.:)

  5. This is wonderful. YOU are wonderful. :)

  6. I love this dearie. you are awesome.

  7. This is wonderful! I just love this post x :)

  8. Ha! I thot the picture turned out lovely. You look like a model. :) And I LOVEDLOVED this!! You so need to do more posts like this one - cuz I loved learning more about you!!! I wish my friends were huge picture-takers like you are! Cuz they aren't, and I'm too shy to just grab my camera and take pictures of me and my friends. :/ Oh well. Oh, and I LOVELOVE hugs!!! Bear hugs are THEE BEST KIND. :D


  9. You are awesome. In fact, I would love to meet you! (oh, and captain america is the best. sorry ;))

  10. if you met me, i would bake us cupcakes. vanilla with sprinkles. holla.


  11. Awh!! Lol. I loved this post. I think I'd like you a lot if I met you. ^_^ And, Loki is absolutely unquestionably the best. <3 <3 :*

    P.S. Have you seen tom hiddleston in War Horse?? He was lovely in that one as well, even though his part wasn't very long. :( <3

  12. gosh, now I'd really like to meet you. :) *que bear-hug*


  13. I'd love to meet you :) And the photo is gorgeous :)
    Kimmy x

  14. loki is the best. the end and that's it. can i get a loudandabletobeheardinisrael amen?

  15. oh and we need to meet. because we'd have overly-and-incredibly awesome time. (i'm really workin the long descriptions aren't i?)

  16. i love this. i'm a new follower and i already love your blog(:


  17. Ha ha! Hallarius and funny post! I SOOO want to meet you!

  18. and now i want to meet you. ♥ :)

  19. Jocee, could you design my blog? I normally could, but I am having crazy problems with the background and stuff, so could you please help meeee?(:

  20. Oh, my email might be helpful(:


  21. Oh my goodness. Loki? Narnia? Cameras? Cupcakes? How much awesome-er can you get? <3

  22. you are the cutest! and i SO want to meet you :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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