moments with mommy, v.viii

downton abbey gifs instead of a photo because my mother loves downton abbey and she is always right. 
  • mommy: "jocelyn, i'm training you to be excellent. you'd be surprised how little it takes to be excellent in this world. it takes so little it's not even funny! and it takes even less to be above average. and right now, you're above average. most teenagers (though you're not a teen, you're a young adult), hardly hear it when someone asks them to do something. less do it, and maybe one or two out of the mix ask if they can do anything else to help. but since you're a young adult, and you're above average, you do what i ask, when i ask it, without huffing or puffing or blowing the house down."
  • me: "...this is such a random conversation. where did this come from?"
  • mommy: "you know me. when i think of something i say it.  but anyway, i'll give you an example. when we were in the car on the way to volunteer at the long centre, and i told you to hand me my purse, which was in the backseat. i needed to floss my teeth, i told you. so you grabbed my purse, but instead of just handing it to me (and i was driving), you took the time to take the dental floss out of my purse and hand it to me. that is being above average."
  • me: "so if i just threw the purse at you i'd just been a normal teenager?"
  • mommy: "no, a normal teenager wouldn't even hear me."
  • me: "so if i want to be excellent, i have to offer to floss your teeth for you?"
true story, ladies and hiddlestons. the reason i post this is because it's my mom's "29th" (#ehehe) birthday, and she's a pretty legit mom if i do say so myself. even if she really doesn't share her food with me that much. so here's to you, mommy! and i still like loki. #youmad #idowhatiwantexceptidontdowhatiwantbecauseyouremymom #awkward #peaessthisiswhatahashtaglookslike
-kiss kiss kiss, box of cats-


  1. this conversation, Jocee, i just have to say, is epic. i love it, so much, also, i love this post. :) i must say, you and your mom have quite funny {although very... good} conversations. ;) also, that GIF is pretty awesome. haha. ;)


  2. leave it to jocee and her mom to make me laugh up a storm!

  3. cutest thang I've ever seen. happy birthday to your mumsie! I'm sure we're all quite grateful to her for bringing you into the world. yes ma'am.
    also downtown abbey always wins.

  4. Happy birthday, Jocee's mommy!! My parents don't understand why I like Loki either... :D

  5. Girl.. You hiddleston's are hysterical! ;)
    And I love how for like the past three posts, you've put a Loki quote in.
    I(maybe others) did notice that, teehee.


  6. Your conversations with your mum are hilarious! You two are the cutest :) Happy Birthday to mummy jocee! :)
    Kimmy x

  7. This conversation is pretty awesome... I love these post!

  8. pshaaaw thats awesome, she sounds so fun to be around!

    ps. 'ladies and hiddlestons'.... i see what you did there. ;) Ive never seen downton abbey before, but from what i've heard, it's pretty grand.

  9. moms are amazing! we wouldn't be living if it weren't for them. they teach us so many lessons. even though my mom and i disagree a lot, and get into arguments. i know deep down that she just cares about me and supports me.

  10. Jocee, I can't tell you HOW much I love your 'moments with mommy' posts. Seriously. You have the best - THE best - and most epic family ever. Can I pop over for a month or two? Kthanks.

    xo, acacia

  11. haha this is hilarious jocee! i love it. but she's right. so many teens (not young adults, really.) don't hear anything let alone do anything. kinda sorta depressing. of course there's tons of young adults (like me;)) who are HUMBLE and awesome and obedient and listen ;)
    xx Natalia


  12. Gosh, I never tire of reading about your and your Mummy! You two are amazing! :)

  13. awww, you are seriously hilar!! :D

    eve @ essence of eve


  15. Ahaha, I love this. You and your mom both are hilarious (I see now where you got it from ;)). Happy Birthday to your madre! <3

  16. dear jocee's mom,
    i hear about you a lot, and you sound super cool. i think you should make a vlog with jocee, and y'all can just talk to each other for a while because something hilarious is bound to happen and i'll finally get to see you both on camera. okay? okay.
    love, lindsey

    jocee, your work is cut out for you. a vlog with you and your mom where you both talk to each other. got it? i command this to happen in the name of...ermm...LOKI! ehehehe. ;)


  17. Haha! Best convo ever. Every time I try to have an awesome conversation with my mom, it turns in to me listening to my mom ramble about how I should be doing better. But your mom sounds pretty great. :-)

  18. this is just adorable. i can't wait to meet both you and your mom. xo

  19. You have one awesome mommy to have that conversation! Happy Birthday to her! xo

  20. Loki has this whole bad guy dimension that the others are lacking.

    My dad and I are the ones that banter back and forth like that. Happy birthday to your mom.


    1. totally just fell on the floor laughing when i read this.
      not even joking.
      okay so if you don't want to be a dearheart then you can just be legit. holla. or something.

  21. Happy b-day to your mom!
    (P.S- Downton Abbey is AMAZING. My mom got me into it. ;) )

  22. this is adorable. you're adorable. and it made me smile seeing you and your mom's cute conversation. :]

  23. My mom turns 29 every year as well! :O Bwahaha your mom sounds so awesome. I'd love to share a cup of cocoa with her and just chat.

  24. This made me laugh a lot. HAHAHA!!! xo


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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