like dust that coats the abandoned bookshelf.

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"like dust that coats the abandoned bookshelf, the snow comes, sprinkling and fertilizing the cedar trees with the hope that spring can not be too far behind." -me
this is winter's mixtape. i didn't end up making one for all of you nano writers out there (great job, you guys! 50,000 words is a great accomplishment), so here's my take on winter. consider it my Christmas present to you. listen while doing schoolwork, decorating the house for Christmas, drive to + from work, cooking and baking, reading, babysitting littles, or taking a walk down the street [wearing short sleeves to catch the cold nesting in your skin]. have a nice weekend. 

1. all that i want - the weepies
2. the Christmas waltz - she & him
3. o tannenbaum - vince guaraldi trio
4. santa baby - eartha kitt
5. in the bleak midwinter - the honey trees
6. ave maria - beyoncé
7. little soldier - mindy gledhill
8. maybe this Christmas - ron sexsmith
9. baby it's cold outside - zooey deschanel and leon redbone
10. the violet hour - the civil wars
12. the Christmas song - she & him

-kiss kiss kiss, you go glen coco- 


  1. ohmystars girl!! I love this, and I really need that font.. can you tell me what the name is? I am slightly addicted to fonts. :P

    1. bombshell pro by emily lime! it's a premium font, so you have to pay for it. :)

  2. That font is ohso pretty! Was it reasonably priced? xx

    1. uh, no, not at all. it was like $34 dollars or something. :P

    2. How can you afford that font for $34.......and you can't afford Flickr for $20?!???:)

    3. I didn't think of buying flickr.... goshbubbles. My birthday is coming up, though, so i'll have money soon :)

  3. SO glad you put some Zooey in there. Mhhm, she's got some vocal cords!


  4. Goodness me, I'm loving this mixtape. I am totally obsessed with "All that I want" by the weepies now. Thanks for sharing Jocee :)

  5. best christmas mixtape ever!!
    yeah, thatnk you sooo much for sharing!! this makes my sunday

  6. I'm with Leanna Kay! The song is pretty amazing!


  7. Beautiful typography! :) And I love Baby It's Cold Outside! :)
    Kimmy x

  8. *flickr is $25. just making that known, cause I paid that much and it hurt my soul a lot. ;-)

    When I saw your post and your mixtape I was all like: asdjfhnjladsfjkasdhf in my head. And bombshell is divine.

  9. ok ok ok. Hands down, I like your playlist the best!

  10. listening to the mixtape right now! :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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