a chapter ends and a new one begins; my december and the first of january.

breathe in; know that you're alive.
december 2 - charlie [perks of being a wallflower] said that people always look happier than they are in photos. and considering all the sadness and depression that's sweeping the earth, i want to be as happy - no, joyful - as i can be. so i'm making an effort to smile despite all hardships, and to know, no matter what, that Jesus is Lord. i took this photo on a photoshoot with one of my craziest, awesomest friends. and goshbubbles, she is beautiful.

december 3 - i took this at 11pm because i didn't bring my camera to school with me. next time, i'll plan better. i don't really have anything deep or philosophical to say about this, except for that he is the needle and thread that mends me. :)

december 4 - i felt so alive yesterday. flannel fabric coating my skin, a loose petal smooth against the palm of my hand and the afternoon light looming above me... i just took a deep breath and let it all sink in. i took this after my english class and before mommy picked me up from school. the light is always perfect then, always. also, tuesdays are my favourite.

december 5 - the photo speaks for itself.

december 6 - happy birthday, mommy. and yes, my sister is better than your sister. i took this as she was playing in the leaves in the front yard this afternoon.

december 7 - there's a line in The Help where minny says "frying chicken just makes you feel good about life." in the same way, cupcakes make me feel good about life. and that's all i have to say about that.

december 8 - strings of lights (whether for Christmas or not) just give an enchanting feeling to the room. that make certain things complete. and they make me smile when it seems like there's nothing else to smile about.

december 9 - there are a lot of feelings in the world that you should the remember. the first is the feeling when you realise you love someone. the second is the feeling you get when you've moved away from home. and the third is the feeling of crunchy leaves under your feet. i shall never forget that feeling.

december 10 - if you really think about it, life is quiet. it's really really quiet. life sounds like those awkward indie movies where there isn't much music and no one talks as much as they do in the regular box office movies. while i love quiet, i don't always want my life to be completely quiet and awkward. i want there to be a soundtrack to my life. so i'm writing one. incidentally, my "just one more song" playlist on spotify is about 8 hours long. i could watch the batman trilogy in that amount of time.
december 11 - i'd been seeing this going around the interwebs (you know, the "hey!" -insert question here- -insert answer here- -insert sarcastic remark or inspiring comment here-), and i decided that i should make one. it's sad because i don't take many photos of myself. and when i'm considerably older, i want to remember what i looked like when i was this age and younger, you know? so i decided to make this. this was the last set of pictures i took when i was 15. also i really love my hair. 
december 12 - happy birthday to me.
december 13 - mom took me to test drive a camaro (my dream car) the day after my birthday. it smelled really good in there.

december 14 - selfie before volunteering for the the nutcracker ballet.
december 15 - my friends are cooler than your friends. (#ehehe) taken at my 16th birthday party. (which i will post, along with my birthday, soon)
december 16, 17, & 18 - i probably had time to take photos on the 16th and 17th. did i? no. please accept this cupcake as my apology.
december 19 & 20 - i did it again. oops. on the bright side, though, i love my friends bunches. i know i've said that before but it's true. they are the bomb-diggety. (more on this day soon)
december 21 - we decorated the tree at grandma's and opened the presents she got for us.
december 22 - my fingerprint. completely unique to me.
december 23 - before the roadtrip to the grandparents': late autumn leaves amidst a pale gray sky.
temple run.
december 24 - my sister became incredulously addicted to my aunt's phone on Christmas vacation. but occasionally, i did get to play temple run and badger the crap out of siri.
december 25 - happiest birthday to you, Jesus. i would've gotten you four candy canes but we didn't have any. none for gretchen weiners?
december 26 - i would shop frequently, but my mom hates to shop, and i don't know how to drive, so when my friends talk about their "shopper's kryptonite" or something like that, i can't really relate. but the day i did my Christmas shopping, i came across this four-pack of coca-cola bottles. and it was adorable. and it was cute and vintage and perky and i wanted it. i was already spending near on $20 (which is a lot for me) and i didn't want this to run the bill high, but whenever i get a chance, i like to add some spice to what i drink (because i don't plan on drinking ever ever ever; i'm going to have koolaid at my wedding) so i have a growing collection of glass, vintage bottles nesting where all the normal, mundane, modern glasses go. and incidentally, the four-pack was only $2, so i couldn't resist. and yes, i kept the bottles.

december 28 - i swear i left my iBooth app open and accidentally pressed the "take picture" button instead of the reblog button on tumblr. but on the bright side: #poutylips #rawr
blue sky.
december 28 - i got these new sunglasses that make everything more vibrant. so i let my camera try them out.
cupcake in a jar.
december 29 - don't judge me! i like putting things in jars.
december 30 - we drink lemonade in old maraschino cherry jars (in december) because we're cool like that.
december 31 - one of my favourite parts of going to see grandma and granddaddy for Christmas is the decorations they put in the front yard, and the lit-up tree in the family room. i always imagine it throughout the year and what it's like, and when i see it there, standing above mommy (whose 6ft tall), it suddenly sinks in: Christmas is almost here. and i love that feeling. and i've loved it forever. and now that Christmas is over and the new year has come and i won't see the tree again for a whole year, i feel a bit nostalgic. because that's what i always look forward to when i go to see my family. makes me feel like a little kid again.

january 1 - happy new year. i have on one earring because the other one keeps falling off and my head itches so i'm scratching it. and i'm excited. excited for whatever the heck is going to happen, excited for the good days, and blessed to remember the Lord is with me on the bad days, and i'm excited to be one step closer to all of the things i'm looking forward to doing this year. i finished reading a book yesterday and started another today, and i'm going to sit down and write my novel like there is no tomorrow. i'm just really excited. 
2 corinthians 5:17. this is my verse. this is my decree. 
i also might order a pizza because #joceeswag.
-kiss kiss kiss, ermagersh- 


  1. "I'm going to have Kool-Aid at my wedding." In that case, invite me. In other news, I love the concept of this post and the way you did it. Nice job.

  2. This was such a neat way to document your December, Jocee! Love it! My favorite is the lemonade picture :) xoxo.

  3. Happy new year!
    Your photography is so beautiful!

  4. I love seeing your month through pictures! Your haircut is super cute, too. Happy New Year!

  5. What a year.. And yesyesyes, okay. You've established your hair is uber cute.. Stop showing off. ;)

    2013 I know you'll just get even more amazing!(Don't know how that's possible)

  6. awww, this is really cute!! and you're so totally adorable & I want to steal your cupcake.

    eve @ essence of eve

  7. this was hilarious, and the best "month in review" post i've ever read. seriously, doll, nice work. ;) and the one-earring look? suits you. #trendsetter

  8. ermagosh jocee. i can't even explain how much i liked this post. and you; (goodness, you're gorgeoussss.)


  9. Whoa this must have taken a lot of thought. Good post, pretty photos. Happy new year Jocee dearheart.

  10. whoa-y kazoa-y i love this post! you did amazing! also, may i copy your 15 days before you turn 15 post? i'm turning 15 soon so mine will be dif obviously but anyways. i love this and i hope your new year is the absolute bestestever! xx | natalia

    1. you may use that post! i didn't make it up; it's been going around for ages. but of course you can use it :)

  11. this is really cool :) and i actually like your idea of putting that cupcake in a jar! have a joyous new year, jocee x

  12. i absolutely love this post. you're so creative why can't i go on a roadtrip to meet up with you so we can just take pictures of things argshhh

  13. Jocee, you're unbelivably gorgeous! And also unbelievably talented! And just generally wonderful!
    This is great.

  14. You are so beautiful Joceee! And I love this post :) Have a great new year
    Kimmy x

  15. Nifty idea!

    Hmm, the word nifty. *makes mental note to use it more often*

    You're precious and perky and so full of life. Don't stop with this sugary sprinkle of life. <3

  16. Love this Jocee. The end of month recap is an awesome idea and I can't believe you guys still had leaves on the 22nd :)

  17. ahhhh! love this way of doing it! and also, you are so amazingly gorgeous. the end.

  18. well considering the fact the i have no sister, yes your sister is def. better than mine. ;) seriously though. this. post. is. amazing. the end and happily ever after and fin.

  19. this is so cool!

  20. I LOVE THIS POST!!!! That picture of the iPhone makes me want the new one so badly! And that Coca Cola bottle?! We get those every single Christmas. I ironically just went outside to photograph them before reading this post. Twinsies. :)

  21. I love the way you wrote this post. :) You're an amazing photographer. I was like: O.o

  22. Ummm don't feel weird, because glass jars are the bomb diggity!!! :)


  23. this is wonderful!
    you always leave the most thoughtful and lovely comments. now i know why, it's because you're an amazing person. Thank you for that and for your support.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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