you only turn sixteen once // the portraits.

saturday, december fifteenth, 2012, i had my long-awaited sixteenth birthday party. in short, we watched the avengers, ate more ice cream than is healthy, gallivanted around the domain looking for cute boys, and took over five hundred pictures. this is the portrait part of the day, the rest will be coming later. seriously, though, i love these girls. i can't even begin to describe how blessed i am to have each of these girls as a best friend. so here they are; five girls and one collectively beautiful smile. i wouldn't trade them for all the cupcakes in the world. (maybe.)

courtney b.

also, these are all the pictures she has because she had to leave early. boo. 

incidentally, i think she has the cutest braces smile she's ever seen. also she never stops talking about the fact that one of the guys from 1D had braces once. "WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!" still love her, though. 


this is her imitation of the kissy-duck-faces that all the models apparently make in the baby lips commercial.
incidentally, we love baby lips.


rachel (who was sleepy and didn't cooperate much and therefore didn't get many pictures [still love you anyways, though]). 

incidentally, i talked to her yesterday and she said she doesn't care if she doesn't have many photos. so. whodathunkit?


also, she'd like to dedicate the shot below to her boyfriend, james, who is adorable.

courtney j. 

-kiss kiss kiss, honeybunch-


  1. They're all soo pretty, and you did MAHVELOUS shooting them! Bahaha, that sounds funny.

  2. gosh bubbles{<that be for you, Jocee girl} you have some lovely girls for chums!
    beautiful pictures!
    movie choice approved and you can't go wrong with ice cream.
    well again, HAPPY birthday pretty lady and merry Christmas!
    {heh heh, merry Christmas}

  3. GORGEOUS photos! I lvoe them all! Espesh the 1st one, and the the portraits of your friends. :D looks like you had an amazing birthday :))

  4. These are so adorable. you are all adorable!! <3

  5. Your friends are GORGEOUS and look very lovable (; Happy belated birthday!

  6. jocee, you're adorable and so are your friends. that is all.

  7. yay yay yay. love these. you're really good at portraits girl. :)

  8. These are beautiful, you've really developed your own unique 'flair'. :) My favorite is the first picture, but I love love LOVE the composition of the 25th one. <3 Do you have a flickr?

    ~ Abby

  9. Awww your friends are beautiful! And Courtney j reminds me of Susan :)
    Kimmy x

  10. Why are ya'll so awesome sauce? Seriously, that must have been such a fun birthday.

  11. I love how you make the most out of life.

  12. courtney j.'s hair is to die for.
    nicole looks like nirrimi and i also really want her swishy hair.
    carolyn is just plain adorable
    jasmine is ridiculously gorgeous and stellar.
    courtney b. is beautiful and fun and loving.

    also, two friends named courtney in one birthday party? rock on.

    xx's from england,


  13. ... Happy Birthday! (with lots of icing on your cupcakes)
    you have such beautiful friends. and you captured them so well with your camera. you are amazing :)

  14. When you make people pose with their eyes closed, it either looks awkward or ridiculous. But maybe thats what you are going for....?

    1. haha, kendra: i like that shot because it reminds me of someone spinning in a field, breathing deeply, embracing the fact that they're alive. when i'm in a public place and i see people all around me, they seem so out of touch with their electronics. they don't seem very happy. they're sort of pale; they have so many things to do and don't have time to really look at all the beauty that surrounds them. so this shot sort of lets them feel, listen, taste, smell the world and all it has to offer, without having to look at their phone and respond to texts or business calls or whatever it is they have to do. i want people to just take a moment and remember what a beautiful world they live in. and i want them to feel like they can make it a better place. :) <3

    2. Awkward? Ridiculous? Watchoo talkin bout girl.

  15. oh, such gorgeous young ladies. :) love these picture, Jocee! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (LATE. i'm always late.) ohmegawsh, you're a year older! ;) but seriously, you are a wonderfully talented young lady, and I'm so blessed to 'know' you... even if it's only a little bit. :) hope you had a fab birthday, and ate lots of cupcakes. (also, an abundance of ice-cream is almost as good as cupcakes. yup.)


  16. love this jocee! your friends are adorable. not to say that mine aren't, but.. :) looks like YOU had a lovely day, but where are some shots of you?? ;) xoxo

    1. they're coming up soon! :)

    2. These are gorgeous! And all your friends are gorgeous! And it looks like you had such a great day. :)

  17. These are gorgeous! Beautiful shots, love the way you set them up, and even more beautiful subjects!!

  18. I agree: Courtney B. does have the best braces smile.

    It sounds like you had bunches of fun.

    Happy Birthday again. :P

  19. fab girls + gorgeous photos -- looks like y'all had a fun time! (also, i'd like to note how everyone is in short-sleeves. in december. welcome to texas, y'all #icanrelate #texasgalrighthere.)

  20. i can't wait for the rest!(;


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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