it started with a whisper.

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"so, music."
"music," he repeats, blinking.
"what kind do you listen to?"
"you mean what genre?" eyebrows arch.
"well, who do you listen to?"
"that's better. um, i don't know. green day, coldplay, skillet, thousand foot krutch..." he bounces a little as he names each band.
"so you like loud music, then."
"well, they all have their soft, sentimental sort of songs. but yes, i guess i listen to moderately loud music." a smirk. why, i don't know.
"i don't particularly like loud music."
"really! i thought you liked each of these bands." eyebrows arch again.
"i like some of their songs, but out of all of them, coldplay is my favourite." i swallow.
"why?" he shifts, blinks again.
"because i... well... i don't know. when i listen to certain songs and artists, i'm usually able to feel what they're trying to convey in their music, and with loud, guitar and drum-heavy music, i don't feel at peace and i don't feel... content, i guess."
a nod. "makes sense."
"for example: when i'm sad, i'm tempted to listen to sad music. and it makes me dwell on what's made me sad, and all the weight of what i'm feeling and what the music makes me feel makes me even sadder. i try not to listen to sad music when i'm sad. i try to listen to happy music, so i can perk up and possibly dance around the house."
"ha! i can see you dancing to neon trees." eyebrows arch, eyes go wide, and a big smile appears.
"'it started with a whispeeeeerrrrrr!!'" i sing dramatically, raising my arms and closing my eyes.
"very nice," he claps and sits back in his chair, putting one yellow-conversed foot over his knee. "so what about you?"
"what about me?" you're interested?
"what kind of music do you listen to?"
"i have this soft, sentimental, sort of eclectic style. in fact, a lot of the people i listen to are probably people you haven't heard of."
"try me." another smile.
"um... a fine frenzy, brooke fraser, coldplay--"
"i do know coldplay!" he's happy in his knowledge.
"--mumford & sons--"
"heard of them."
"--the civil wars, ed sheeran, ingrid michaelson, and i like a lot of classic artists."
"do continue."
"ella fitzgerald and nat king cole and people like them."
"i'm not that sheltered; i know who they are." 
"the thing is, when i make my mixtapes or pretty much... collect the music that i want to listen to everyday, i think of the condo i'm going to get in boston or new york city when i go to university."
"hmm. i can see you with trench coats and rubber boots and classic red lipstick." emphasis on the 'classic.'
"my condo will have lots of natural light, an open kitchen, and a lot of space for maybe an upright piano and bookshelves and a phonograph. and on a rainy day, i can see myself drinking something hot with my new kitten curled up at my feet, staring out onto the busy streets of downton, with hey there delilah by the plain white t's or september song by ella fitzgerald crackling on the phonograph in the background. i can also smell dinner cooking."
"that is a lovely mental picture." he nods again, smiles with lips together.
"i feel like, when it comes to the music i listen to, i want to feel relaxed and alive. i don't like things that, say, depress me. i want to feel invincible. and i want the people who listen along to feel the same way." it's nice to let the words flow so easily, without mispronunciations and breaks for once.
"i like you, jocelyn," he says, smiling, pulling a strand of my hair. there was probably something in it, but i hope there wasn't.
"a lot of people like me." i don't hide the soft smile that pushes through the right side of my face.
"yes," he says, leaning in. "but i know why."

and the best part is? this actually happened. i love tuesdays with him more than most anything. maybe even cupcakes.
-kiss kiss kiss, i can hear the chit chat-
{pea ess: format inspired by abby.}


  1. Oh my God I cried when read that this is true. Oh my... Oh my.

    1. oh my white castle, the fact that you cried makes me want to cry. really, you are a gem and i heart you bunches <3

  2. You swear this is real? I need you to write another chapter of this, write a whole book, and sign a copy for me. ASAP.

  3. For some reason, that conversation puts a grin on my face. #yesilikeit

  4. oh gosh oh gosh oh goshhhhhhh. #ALLTHESQUEES

  5. wait...this is real???

    *ahem* *deep breath* ZOMGGGGGGGGGGSQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


  6. That was REAL? OH MY GOSH. I just melted. <3 <3 Totes jelly. <3

  7. And of all the songs, this converstation will probably be the thing that replays through your head. :P But, seriously, my first thought was, actually, embarrassingly, "Squeeeee!" Happy for moments like these, Jocee girl. :)

  8. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! THIS IS SO SO SO CUTE. Omg I love you and I love this and the fact that this actually happened makes my heart skip and practically sing!

  9. D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! That definitely sounds like it would've been a happy Tuesday for you!!;) heehee Too cute.


  10. Sweetest thing ever. I mean, seriously. Sounds like the beginning of something wonderful ;)

    And I was excited because you have all the same favorite artists as me. Go classical :)

  11. *SQUEAL* OMG, I am dead. that was the sweetest thing I have ever.ever.ever read! seriously this boy is perf.

  12. Okay, I just have to comment on this twice. Really, it makes my heart so happy.
    And also, I don't completely stalk you, but you should probably know that I do partly stalk you, so...

  13. WHy? Your blog is so great, you distract me from the things I need to get done. I love this post. That conversation is so cool. :)
    I know you probably don't want to give info about this guy...but who is he? I mean, is he a friend? Is he a lot older than you...or your age? Omigosh, you should write a novel about this....I don't..:)

    1. i don't want to give out toooo much info, you know? but for now, i'll sustain you with...
      1) he's the best guy friend i've ever had and i love him bunches.
      2) we've known each other for like... 2-3 years.
      3) he's 5yrs older but considering the fact that tom hiddleston is about to turn 32, i think i'm doing better :P
      4) don't get your hopes up too high, because he likes someone else, or rather they like each other. however, he and i have a really good relationship. i'm hopeful... ;)

    2. What if he e reads this?

    3. anon: i doubt he even knows i have a blog, but if he DOES read it, i might be teased mercilessly for a few days... ;)

  14. ohh goodness, jocelyn. this. THIIS. i'm swooning over here. convos about dreaming of the future are possibly the best. this is wonderful.

  15. waiiitttt.... so this is for reals?!?!? the guy exists? lives and breathes? wow.


  16. Pretty amazing...IT'S A MIRACLE!!!! XD But it is pretty awesome that you had the conversation like that without any mistakes or whatnot.


  17. For serious, this is so, so, so cute! We need new chapters of this-like-every week. Please. This makes me smile oh-so big!

  18. jocee.. okay now it's my turn to say you're like a female version of charlie. this post was so beautiful. the format, the writing, your words. incredible. like, i just.. i just enjoyed reading it so much. and to think that this actually happened. that a boy actually had this dialogue with you.. i'm immensely happy for you. please update us from time to time. :)

  19. love this, Jocee. just darling. he's lucky to know you. hopeful for you. :)


  20. ok just thought i'd let you know but this is the fourth time re-reading this because it's that stellar.

  21. I like this. Another! But seriously, this post made me squeal a little. c: I'm really happy for you!

  22. too much for words. you guys are adorable! i smiled when i read this, you should really write a book. x


  23. ahhh! i'm practically hyperventilating! this is way way too cute. we def need more of these every week! praying for you, girl! xx

  24. gahhh, too much sweetness. I really like this, and you should maybe make a book out of your life, k? thanks. ;)


  25. AHHHHHH JOCEE. this is really really good.

    give your friend a hug for me, why don't cha?


  26. PS

    i just read the 'this is true' part and cried.

    oh my gosh.

  27. oh my goodness. this is so perfect!

  28. *facepalm* I just realized the title was a pun of some sort if you meant it that way. See, I told you I was slow at these sorts of things.

  29. This whole conversation was too sweet, especially the last few words. :)

  30. This is so beautifully written, just like a beautiful novel...and the fact that it is actually real and happened to you, that's the best party.
    Love it, Jocee! :)

  31. wait, this really happened?? AH. my heart just melted a bit.

  32. I love Coldplay!! And that was so sweet!

  33. That was so adorable. I love it. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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