there is a species of people-watchers and they are called mothers.

I was in my late teens when I witnessed a beautiful conversation between an old man and a young mother. I was behind the counter in the bookshop where I worked when the mother of three young children attempted to balance the trolley, the shopping, a conversation with the cashier and calm her crying baby. The gentleman was trying to walk between the trolley and the bookshelf and the mother turned to him and apologised profusely which is when he held her hand, looked her in the eye and said: "Don't you ever apologise, you have the most important job in the world." She cried. Such powerful validation. -jodi wilson, the birth of a mother
there are a lot of things they notice that we don't. fuzz in our hair, lint on our clothes. or maybe there's nothing at all; they just want to touch our silken cheeks. and they always look ahead, for things to watch out for and things to stay clear of. they are sherlock, they are a species of observers that take in and adapt to and act on. and they have this weird knack of making it fun. they put aside their age and reduce themselves to what they used to love in the ages beneath for the good of their baby. it doesn't matter how old we are, we will always be their baby. there's a butt-load of crap we don't want to do for our kid before they actually are our kid, but when they do become ours, we forget there was a time where idontwanna. and our countenance immediately changes to anythingforyoudarling

and, i mean, they willingly wipe the snot out/off our noses. who wants to do that? so yeah, mommy. thanks for de-germifying us. gross.
-kiss kiss kiss, mom~e-


  1. You pretty much summed it up right there. xx

  2. ahh Jocee, amen! what are mothers for but to be awesome and love us!!
    thanks for this lovely reminder :)

  3. love your layout, so much! and this is such a wonderful post x

  4. oh, this post. ;) you rock, jocee. x

  5. this post is just. awesome. and lol jocee..i do that for my little sister and IT IS SO GROSS! haha. x

  6. The feat of a mother is really miraculous. And you couldn't have picked a better quote. :)

  7. Aw, this was sweet… I just can't wait to be a mamma! And I looove that quote.


  8. this is perf omg. i have no words. i cant even.

  9. this is so awesome, Jocee! And that quote. gah.



    ps- I've been following your blog for a little while now, and really love it.
    I was just wondering if you'd guest post for me? That would be really amazing if you could... :) my email: rachelnicole@rachelnicoleblog.com

  10. that quote makes me tear up. SO TRUE.

  11. Moms ... they're really the best. I think that's why I want to be one so badly.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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