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leaving, for me, is quiet. i'm not the biggest fan of hugs, i detest kisses, i don't like i miss yous or i love yous or teary-eyed promises. i pay attention to the things i will be missing from, i pay attention to the people who will be missing from me. my house is engrafted in my mind. if i were blind i'd still know where i'm  going. there are places in my city that i can get to by heart because street names aren't my forte, and yet i don't have a driver's license right now. no, leaving for me is taking in all my surroundings ages before i have to go. the fact that i'll be gone won't register until after i left. not being there means wondering what would happen and how people would respond if i were. if i'd matter enough to alter the timeline. but before that, leaving for me means taking my physical self away and leaving my soul, because i'm too flighty to be in one place at once. because completely leaving means forgetting, and that is something i don't allow myself to do. because there's always a seat in the middle of the front row at my church's youth assembly, and everyone knows that seat will always belong to me.

i'll be back online in nine days. i love you, i'll miss you.
-kiss kiss kiss, a dream of time-


  1. That's a lot of stripes girlfrand... I'll miss you also!

  2. beautiful words & blog, i'm a definitely a new follower!

  3. oh... and your design is just... asdfghjkl.

    yeah, that is all.

  4. have TONS of fun, sweet one, and we'll see you soon! go do some crazy big awesome things. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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