the forgotten frames || august.

one of the worries of photographers is that they never take enough pictures. i saw something on tumblr that said "if you couldn't take your camera with you to wherever you wanted to travel, would you still go?" and i don't remember if i reblogged it because i was a little put off by the thought.

the idea is, i hardly picked up my camera to the extent that i did in the past few months. this weekend the digital is napping while i carefully wind up my granddad's minolta. and that humbles you. you have a limited set of exposures, like that magnetic poetry kit i told you about. you have a limited set of words, so you use them carefully. you pick your prose with the utmost nuance, finding a way of saying what you want with less extravagance and more efficiency. one roll is done, the other is just beginning.

or, you can think of it this way. if you had a massive stutter and you could only say certain things in a specific period of time, what would you want to say and how?

and yes, august was okay. i'd just like september to be better.


  1. okay. i so love this --> "you pick your prose with the utmost nuance, finding a way of saying what you want with less extravagance and more efficiency." i'm working on becoming more like this in my every day conversation with others. more purpose, less fluff; more heart, less thoughtlessness.

  2. i like this. (and i can't wait to see some of those film shots.) <3

  3. joyce, that was the best way to describe film photography.
    i'm always impressed by the way you write, but this was the best i've read from you so far. it almost makes me cry.
    i love film... <3

  4. profound thoughts. i love your mind.

  5. I haven't heard that quote about traveling without a camera before but it made me think. and I think I would still go, because I could always write about it. but if I couldn't write about it? if I couldn't document it, didn't have anyway to make sure I would remember? that's what scares me. I suppose there are people who are content to live their life from moment to moment but for whatever reason, I don't know if I was made that way. it's a blessing and a curse I suppose.
    thanks for making me think.

  6. Just curious - were you intending to put photos in this post since it is titled 'forgotten frames - August.'? I know that you usually do a forgotten frame post and I really do always look forward so I'm just wonderin'. :)

    1. no, i didn't intend to because i didn't really "take enough photos" anyway. if i had put photos in the post, they would've been film, but i still have yet to develop them, so. i just decided to let it go. :)

    2. Okay, thanks! I was just wondering. :))

      Have a lovely day!


  7. i like this, Joce. a lot. the fact that you didn't put any photos in your 'forgotten frames' post says more than the photos sometimes do, i think. and your writing? perfectly beautiful and raw and real. :) you're my favorite, doll. <3 xx.

  8. can't wait to see those film photos. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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