the relevance of only six words.

sometimes you don't have to depend on the weather for inspiration. (but it's rained today alone more than it did all summer.) sometimes you can just look at your life, pick out a few bits and fashion them into six-word sections that say more than a dozen paragraphs could. 
below are some favourites of mine and of others. i'll let you pick out the backstories, if you like. 
but for some reason, i find these (all real, all felt, all experienced) to be enough.

#1: don't be nervous, she loves you.
#13: can i please crawl into you? (a reader's response: okay, hold up. slow down, now.)
#15: friendly notification that we are society. some are put on a pedestal.
#16: once a failure, but never again.
#18: i'd rather come home to you.
#19: life is too short for distance. open your arms, let me in.
#22: born, unborn, i love you. stay.
#23: sometimes i wonder how i survived.
#24: maybe they thought you needed love.
#26: "if i need her, she'll be here." "you always need me." "i do."
#27: and then i walked away... alive.
#31: "i can't promise you every night, but i can promise you tonight. let's take it as we go."

-kiss kiss kiss, isn't this grand-


  1. yes jocee. yes. this is very grand and. and beautiful. i just wish i could be half as good with words as you are.


  2. love six-word stories. ba-bam, you rock these girl.

  3. 1, 15, and 23. okay, just, all of them.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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