just little things {292 - 315}.

original photo // sometimes it's just okay to linger.

292. the odd feeling of a cellphone vibrating on wood.
293. seeing someone wearing the same article of clothing as you.
294. cancelled class (writing this sitting outside the math room).
295. when you style an outfit differently and it looks better than the original.
296. pink bathrobe on wednesday, sugar cookies (hump day treat) and mean girls.
297. the ebb and flow of hallway traffic.
298. library books without plastic covers on them.
299. when someone holds the door open for you.
300. looking in the mirror and liking what you see.
301. walking outside to find it cooler than you thought.
302. when you realize you're dress identifies with the weather.
305. only a few more days till fall.
306. seeing Christmas decorations in the grocery store.
307. finding a new favourite song.
308. a sudden rush of laughter.
309. yours being the only voice you hear.
310. the syncopations of a crowd clapping.
311. helping someone with something that's not your strongsuit and the feeling of acceptance when they understand.
312. hearing/watching/tasting/doing something for the first time.
313. hearing/watching/tasting/doing something for the last time.
314. and all the insignificant times in between.
315. realizing that this is your life, and that someday, you'll pass it onto someone else.

math class was cancelled this afternoon, so i was left to myself. 
if you're wondering, i'm the girl in the hallway dressed like a fresh summer morning. it's almost fall, i know. i like breaking stereotypes.
-kiss kiss kiss, canopy of blue-


  1. Replies
    1. well for one thing, i haven't seen him since the end of may. on another note:

      "dear person i like,

      i always thought i needed you to be occupied. that without you, i would be lonely with no reason to look forward. despite the way raspberry lip gloss and tuesdays remind me of the butterflies you gave me, it’s nice to know that i can survive--no, thrive on my own.

      dear person i liked,
      i let you go."

      it faded. i know. but it happens. and i'm okay with that. i mean, we're still friends. just, i'm not seeking anything more. :)

    2. Just for the record-- your post was amazing. but that letter ^ even better. Lovelove it. Fits so perfectly into everything for me right now. -natalia

  2. it's been so long, i've forgotten how to leave a proper comment.

    it's good to see the little things again (you've gotten even better at these). 292, 298, 301, 307 and the last are faves.

    it's good to see you still have a flair for all things to be captured at the end of your a lens.

    and i have nothing more to say except for that this post made me smile and i hope you never stop being the best you you can be (or writing your blog). <3


  3. forgive my lack of words, but i can never think of anything adequate enough to say when i read your words. just know they always leave a smile on my face and a train of thoughts in my mind that i can never get rid of (and trust me, that's a good thing).

  4. everything about this makes me smile; it's all so poingant and true.

    love you. :)

  5. I love all of these too! :)


  6. high five, you're the best at list making. i love (and look forward) to them. they make me so happy :)

  7. books with no plastic cover. amen.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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