the forgotten frames || january.

staying rad.
{january's forgotten frames, all in mismatched order, all very important.}

i & ii. "this is probably the first time i've seen you without your parents or responsibilities,"
she says, handing me a dandelion. "right now we're infinite."
iii. trees specialize in the art of letting go, but not always when you're looking.
iv & v. helayna is staying rad // playing dress-up.
vi. i stand up, stepping back. "you're not going to bite me, are you?" the cat starts by sniffing my shoes, then sticking his (or her, i never found out) nose in my bag. "no, no. that's mine." and seeing as it's safe enough, i sit back down. i've always fancied the idea of having a cat to call my own,
but i never successfully named this one. it rubs his face against the sleeve of my sweater and sits in my lap.
"oh! okay. are you going to follow me home?" and for the most part, he did.
vii & viii. "and you would open the envelope and gasp, like 'oh my God, jo.' and i would go on stage and thank God and my parents and the academy and you, and my makeup would run and we'd both be a mess. i see it happening, and i don't want it any other way."
"mm. we're having brownies when we get back, right?" walks with her are the best. the wind is no match for us.
ix & x. computer backlight, a mirror and my camera. i like seeing myself from two different angles at once.

and i suppose the last two photos of helayna double as a preview for the photos we took on said walk.
and instead of posting this on saturday, like i should have, i was recharging from the day spent at university.
and yes, it went pretty well.
and now, we wait.
-kiss kiss kiss, flaws and all-


  1. I love how you described the tree. They do have a poetic beauty to them dont they? I find there is a lot we can admire about trees. They are gorgeous creations.

  2. Awww, I love the cat. I too have wanted a cat, but since my Dad is allergic, and positivily hates cats, I won't be getting one until I have my own apartment in Paris someday. Though, a similar experience happened to me last year, when I was walking around in our backyard, and a cat just randomly walked out of my great aunt's barn. It was so cute, and was extremely friendly.

    Anyway cats are adorable! :)

  3. this.
    (basically i can't.)

  4. mmhmm. the light in these photos is veryyy pretty.

  5. I've always, always seen that side of trees. They've always held truth for me, and I never could figure out why. I suppose it's good to know I'm not the only one. <3
    Plus, I like your beanie and Helayna's hair.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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